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The Power of Ice Fang-Hellfrost SWADE

The White Queen rises to dominate the people of Rassilon by her own power and that of a Flight of Ice Dragons led by the most powerful a beast Called Fang. its up to you and your band of heroes to bring the plans of the White Queen to an end. Seeking 5-6 players starting at novice level using the Hellfrost players guide and the new SWADE ruleset. Games every other week starting Saturday May 30th 7pm central time via Roll20 and DISCORD.this first session will be Session Zero
Seking players with Experience with Hellfrost and the Savage Worlds Adventurers Edition
While this is cool, sadly, my Saturdays are booked for local games with my friends. If this were on Monday nights, I'd be happy to play.
Currently we have 2 players seeking 3-4 more
Cuirrently have 4 players Seeking 2 more
seeking 1 more player
Still seeking players. comment or message if interested
Still seeking 1-2 players Character creation is this coming Saturday May 30th
Seeking 1-2 players message if interested
Session zero tomorrow . lost another player. seeking 2 .if you love Savages Worlds and Hellfrost message me and we will get you set
I'm interested in joining the game.  I've played Savage Worlds for years, but I'm new to the Hellfrost setting.
Lost 2 players . Seeking 2 players . First game session is June 13..
Game coming up. if you are intio vikings and Savage worlds. then we would love to have you join us. all you need is Hellfrost players Guide and the Savage worlds Adventurers edition . contact and i will get you set up
Seeking players
seeking 1 more player
Absolutely interested. New to Roll20 and Hellfrost, but years of gaming experience. 
Seeking 1 player before this Saturdays Game session
Campaign has started but seek 1 more player
.Still seeking one more player for thisCampaign
Game Coming up. Still seeking 1 more player
Needing 1 more player
Still seeking 1 player
Seeking one player.A Druid or Ranger or whatever you might like to play this is Savage Worlds
Still seeking a player
Still seeking 1 more player for our campaign
needing player for campaign
STILL needing a player
need player
Lost a player now seeking 2 players