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GM - LFG- US Central - Thursday Nights - Not sure what game

I would like to either find or start up a game for thursdasy nights. Use skype for voice, and roll 20 for tabletop. I am old school world of darkness players, but also have Pathfinder and a few others. I am running another Way of the Wicked game, and I was thinking about maybe running another PF AP, but i astill am not sure, so I figured i would worry about finding a group, then we decided on what to actually play. Thursdays 6-7pm- about midnight time slot, usa central, pm me if interested.

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List of games I have and my relative experience with them - PathFinder - Experienced, also very experienced with DnD 3.5 Have Rise of Runelords Aniv. Ed, Kingmaker 1, A Shadow in the Sky, Council of Thieves, Way of the Wicked(Currently already running) Also, my homebrew world of Aerisidia. Aberrant - Have played a few games, little experience running In Nomine - No game experience L5R 4e - Very experienced with card game, moderate with 4th ed. Mutants and Masterminds - No game experience Rifts - Moderately experienced, more as a player, but have run it before- heavily modified systems Shadowrun 4E - Moderately experienced, more as player, have run only a couple games SR 5 - only have corebook, no experience with 5th ed Star Wars Saga Ed. - No game experience Old World of Darkness - Werewolf/Vampire - Very experienced, Werewolf is a lot of my ST/GM experience. Played old mage, never ran, never messed with changeling. New World of Darkness - I am not a fan of these games So these are whats at my fingertips if it helps, if you would be interested in playing in the time slot mentioned, the PM me, and also what you might like to play. Also, feel free to Skype me at stonefur4 if you have any questions or ideas, i will be kicking around for a few hours.
Star Wars Saga is super simple if you're familiar with 3.5 or pretty much any other d20 game.
It seems like pathfinder is the "path of least resistance" , pardon the pun, so I am heavily leaning towards a Pathfinder game, i just haven't decided on what i really want to run for a PF campaign. I am running Ways of the Wicked already, so I don't really want to do that in two games at the same time. I honestly don't know if i am brave enough to use my home brew, as it still needs some work, but maybe start small and work to big, and give time to flesh things out before it is an issue...i suck with maps too, so that can be frustrating when doing you own stuff. At this point, i think i'd run Pathfinder or Werewolf:TA 20th anniv. I could whip up something for either one or use one of the AP's i have....I will be online to night if any one want to bat ideas around, pm me, or skype at stonefur4.
Heya, check out Eternity Engine. It's a dark sci-fantasy game that is currently being created based around Dungeon World and Apocalypse World rules. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I'm looking for play testers to make a character with an alpha play test package and run a 10 session game over Google Hangouts with the Roll20 app. Your Alpha Play Test Package PDFs V2
A Thursday Night PF Adventure Path would be something I'd definitely be down for. Maybe Wrath of the Righteous as an antidote to WotW? :P (I don't actually have any real preference other than 'Not Wrath of Winter';) (Alternately, you haven't mentioned 13th Age, but given my fondness for the system, I'd be remiss if I didn't plug it as an option.)
Scratch this guys, just found out my schedule for June and I will not be available thurday evenings anymore. Sorry, and thanks for considerations.