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5E Play Test Session #04 (05/09/20) Comments Go here!

Now that we had our 4th, 5E Ravenloft play test session, go on ahead and post your comments on it here!
Its a tough fight hopefully we can get some kind of bonus assuming they follow us into the silver mine  Xenia only has Vicious Mockery left save or take a d4 damage along with the dagger that hurts them  Travek hehe you may be in for a bumpy ride hehe Xenia cant lift you up, a full grown Dwarf in heavy armor is almost 3x her body weight  but she has a firm grip on you for whatever thats worth 
No doubt this is the best game I've ever played (although this is technically my 3rd d&d game while the 1st and 2nd are still ongoing) and I seriously hope I succeed that last death save T-T 
I actually need to start working on a backup character now XD