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Weekly Gaming Summary #04 (5E: 05/09/20)

Thank You For Playing today's game 05/09/2020 - From 10:00 am EDT, until 2:00 pm EDT, and our 4th Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric – Mountain Dwarf – Akhenaten - AKSHAY J.   Cleric –Hill Dwarf – Travok Lightbearer - Jaster R. Ranger – Drow Elf – Rahfen K - Rahfen Ranger – High Elf - Ricardo Jamez –  Buddy-D Bard – Tiefling – Xenia Locoster -  Roxxifarius   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Paladin Knight – Human – Barous Bloodbane - Christian W. Rogue – Human – Ulvall - Ullek H.     Game Summary for Saturday (05/09/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: April 18; 10:15 pm: The party had just fended off a small group of big Gob Rats, inside a passage of the Candlestick Mountain Mine, run by the dwarves of the House of Asten. They are looking for a leather bag of magical coins, hoping it is somewhere in the mine.   They make their way to the opposite side of the elevator with Akhenaten and Barous carrying Elgin, whom is bound in rope and blankets as Barous’s manacles hold Elgin’s Wrists to his ankles.   They come to a fork that branches right or left and take the left passage of which they find simply loops back to the passage with the elevator, no leather bag of coins in sight.   Up the elevator shaft they go, arriving back at the top level and approach the opening of the mine, when Elgin starts to carry on saying to not leave the mine or they will all die!   Elgin goes on to say that the Loupe-Garou, the were-folk, will find them and that the silver in the mine protects them.   When asked why they are after him, Elgin says he doesn’t know what they want of him!   When asked about the murders, Elgin admits to the dwarves in the Candlestick Mountain mine and how after that he tried to bring the bag of coins to the dwarves but didn’t arrive in time. Elgin goes on to tell them the legend behind the coins saying that the Coins of Charon are said to be forged by the necromancer Kerameikos for King Arthunon, whom wanted a way to cheat death from would be assassins.  After the King was presented the coins, he had Kerameikos tossed from a cliff into the sea. When this happened Karameikos uttered a curse upon King Arthunon, heard by  the god Poseidon! When Karameikos hit the sea, a great wave arose and swept over King Arthunon’s kingdom, killing him and destroying the kingdom!   Finally, they leave the cave and meet another dwarven fellow resting outside the cave named Travok LightBear, a cleric by profession. Elgin is set down near the giant mine cart cable spool as some conversation is had with the newcomer when the group noticed a horrid shadow being cast from behind them, just as the night is split by a blood curdling howl!   Elgin breaks down into hysterics, laughing hard!   You all spin on your heels to see a huge wolf, silhouetted by the full moon behind it! The brutish beast leaps down from its perch over the mouth of the mine, and growls menacingly at you all, as it creeps slowly up the tracks, looking ready to pounce at any second!   The wolf’s ears wheal back as it hears a return call from one of its pack mates, off in the distance!   Elgin exclaims, “Guys we gotta go now! The carts, get in the damn carts! Someone needs to cut them loose!   Rahfen and Ricard let arrows lose at the creature and Rahfen’s hit but breaks upon impact, appearing not to harm the wolf!   After initiative rolls are made Round #01 of Combat begins!   Ricardo, casts the Fire Bolt spell at the Loup-Garou (Whelp Lycantrope), hitting for 5 fire damage!   Whelp, bites Barous’s throat for 13 piercing damage, dropping him!   Rahfen, reaches for his tinderbox looking to set the base of the cable spool on fire and proceeds to do so.   Barous, failed the 1 st of 3 Death Saves.   Rita,  tries to stabilize Barous but her wisdom check roll of 4 indicates her first aid does not work!   Akhenaten, goes over to Barous and casts Spare the Dying upon Barous, stabilizing him.   Ulvall, strikes the Whelp with his rapier but it does no apparent damage!   Xenia, casts the Bane spell upon the Whelp who fails it’s charisma saving throw rolling a 3! The Whelpnot has 1d4= a minus 3 on To Hit rolls for 10 rounds of combat (1 minute)!   Travok, casts the Command spell upon the Whelp only to have it make it’s Wisdom saving throw rolling a 14, so the spell fails as the Whelp shakes off the command!     Round #02 of Combat:   Ricardo, cast a Fire Bolt cantrip at the Whelp but it missed!   Loup-Garou (Whelp Lyncanthrope), missed trying to bite Ulvall (-3 added onto ‘To Hit’ roll due to Bane spell)   Rahfen, as the fire on a beam of the cable spool mechanism starts a slow fireplace-like slow burn, he moves to get into a mine cart!   Barous, is recovering from his wound this round.   Rita, runs and gets into a mine cart.   Akhenaten, cast Sacred Flame at the Whelp, who fails it’s dexterity save rolling a 2 and suffers 4 fire damage!   Ulvall, moves to get into a mine cart.   Xenia, hits the whelp with Alee-Onna’s dagger to see it also wounds the creature for 3 piercing damage!   Travok, takes a hack at the rope hoping to free the mine carts from the spool but one hack at it isn’t enough to sever the rope!     Round #03 of Combat!   Ricardo, tries to bring Elgin over to a mine cart.   Whelp, attacks Barous,  (at -3 to hit due to Bane spell), biting for 7 piercing damage, dropping him yet again!   Rahfen, tries attaching the end of a rope to an arrow, in order to fire it at Elgin.
Barous, fails the first Death Save!   Rita is now fully in a cart.   Akhenaten,  just stays in the cart ready to work the lever.   Ulvall, hops into the 2 nd cart.   A new creature, looking bigger and more humanoid than the whelp, (a Loup-Garou Mountain Lycanthrope), has arrived on the scene, he hits Ricardo with his claws, dealing 13 slashing damage!   Xenia, runs to get into a cart!   Travok,  sees the fire set to the cable tower thing, is still minor in nature, casts the Inflict Wounds upon the Whelp (?) for 12 necrotic damage!     Round #04 of Combat!   Rolls a 20 on his 2 nd Death Save!   Whelp, bites Travok for 18 damage, dropping him!   Rahfen, fires the arrow with the rope attached at Elgin, which snags him as he screams out in pain from the wound!   Barous, rolls a 12 on a Death Save for a success on the 1 st roll.   Rita, stays put.   Akhenaten, pulls up the lever on the cart to the half way position.   Ulvall, pulls up the lever on the 2 nd cart to half-way position.   Right, now it’s Rita, Akhenaten, and Rehfen in first cart, while Ulvall, Xenia and almost Travok in 2 nd cart.   Mountain Lycanthrope, missed trying to bite Elgin whom is thrashing about wildly, while being all tied up!   Xenia, exclaims to the creature on Elgin, “Leave his head, we need it!”   Xenia then casts the Vicious Mockery spell, upon the Whelp, whom fails the wisdom save rolling a 10, so takes 3 psychic damage! She then says, “You’d  make a nice fur coat!”   Travok, fails a Death Save (1 st of 3)     Round #05 of Combat:   Ricardo makes another Death Save rolling a 20, 1 hit point restored!   Whelp, missed biting Xenia!   Rahfen, ties other end of rope he fired at Elgin to cart!   Barous, makes his 2nd Successful Death Save after 1 fail.   Rita, stays put in the cart.   Akhenaten, cast Sacred Flame at the Whelp, whom rolls a 3 on the Dexterity save failing, so 5 radiant damage!   Ulvall, tries to fire an arrow with the shortbow at the rope where akhenaten took a hack at it but missed!   Mountain Lycanthrope, missed biting Elgin, whom was trashing about!   Xenia, Cast the Vicious Mockery cantrip at the Whelp, whom fails his wisdom saving rolling a 2 so 1 psychic damage is had!   Travok, fails 2 nd Death Save!     Round #06 of Combat!   The wolves howl at this point and more howls are then heard in the distance!   Ricardo,  simply grabs onto the rope between the cart and Elgin!   Whelp, missed (at -3 to hit and disadvantage) trying to bite Xenia!   Rahfen, fires an arrow at the cable rope, hit it farther weakening the spot where Travok, hacked but it is still not fully spliced!   Rita, stays put!   Akhenaten, casts the Sacred Flame spell but the Whelp makes it’s Dexterity save rolling 21 needing a 12 or more so no damage!   Ulvall, fires an arrow with the short bow, at the cable rope finally splicing it apart!   Mountain Lycanthrope, tries to bite Elgin but missed!   Xenia, casts the Thunderwave spell, at the whelp whom is pushed 15 feet into the giant cable spool device, taking 11 plus 4 fire damage after a failed constitution save!   The carts are also set in motion ( both levers where pulle up into the half-way position), from the force of the Thunderwave spell and start going down over the ledge!     Adventure Time is now April 18th at 11:15 pm.   And this ends the gaming session for the day, until next time!   The Adventurers Earned:   Grand Total: None this session   Everyone is at 175.7 XP  Level 1 reached at 300 XP   Loot Found: None   Number of Sessions for current Adventure Module: 4th Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 05/09/2020 [1st Session start was 04/18/2020]