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API updates for slowdowns

Roll20 Team
Hello API Scripters! From the Pro Thread : We've got some new API server updates ready for testing on the dev server!  These changes are intended to improve the stability of our API servers and to help us get more information about their performance. This update will not immediately improve API slowdown issues that are being reported but it will allow us hone in on a root cause. For API scripters: we've updated node to the most recent stable release, supporting features from ES2018/2019+ and more. Lastly, anticipate that this update will resolve a large number of issues relating to sheetworkers not being triggered by the API. We appreciate your help in testing out these changes in order to help us get them to live as quickly as possible. You can test out the changes on the dev server, and discussion is happening on the pro thread here .

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Roll20 Team
Update for API Scripters: These changes are on the live server We have made a few changes that should resolve the known API slowdown issues! Thank you so much to everyone who helped report this issue and took the time to fill out our diagnostic forms. You helped us create reproduction steps and cases that were critical to a resolution. The problems were exposed by the heavier than usual load on our servers and we particularly tricky to fix, so again, thank you for that information! We are still aware of a few additional issues that might still cause silent server shutdowns and we are working on those as quickly as possible. Please continue to let us know if you see slowdowns or crashes/restarts.