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Menacing Attack Macro in Attack Section

So I'm trying to make a Menacing Attack for DND 5e Battlemaster Fighter in the Attack and Spelling casting section of the character sheet. As you can see I'm trying to put an API Chat button into it, so I can click the purple button and it will call an ability macro that is set up on the character sheet. However that part doesn't work and when you click the plain text link it trys to take you to a different web page within roll20 that doesn't exsist. See this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> And this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for information about the chat button i'm talking about. However I'm trying to put it in an attack section of the character sheet.

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Why Isn't The Attack Box Checked? Anyway If The Macro For Frightened Is On The Same Page As The Character You Would Use This Format For The Macro Button.&nbsp; [Ability](~AbilityName)
This is what happens when I use that.
Sorry I forgot About This Post. I Want To Help You. Here Is What I Have In My Game For Spells On Character Sheets. Try This. [Frightened](~Selected|Frightened})
I have to have my token selected, but it works perfect!
Sheet Author
API Scripter
From the first screeny it looks like your character name is Anvil? [Frightened](~Anvil|Frightened] should remove the need to have the token selected.
Just Remove The Selected Part And Put Your Character Name There. It Should Look Like This: [Frightened](~Anvil|Frightened})
Perfect, thank you guys!