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Weekly Play Test Gaming Summary Part 3 (05/10/20):

Thank You For Playing today's 1 st /2 nd Ed. AD&D game 05/10/2020 - From 8:15 pm EDT, until 11:00 pm EDT, and our 3rd Ravenloft Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric (of Lightning) – Hairfeet Halfling – Chandry Quick-Foot - Devin M. Fighter – Dwarf – Duncan Steelbeard - Roxxifarius Ranger – Human – Estrel Tol - Christopher G. Thief – Human- Izabela Castorena - Phoenix   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Ranger – High Elf - Ricardo Jamez –  Buddy-D ???? - Jack J.   Game Summary for Sunday (05/10/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: April 26; 7:45 am:   The party, had just finished getting a Tarokka (Tarot) card reading from the Vistani Gypsy Madame Anca and were discussing where to head off to next while in the town of Kellee, along with some discussion on getting silver weapons made.   With the church of Choosir (God of commerce), being right besides the east side of the bazaar the adventurers head there first.   The Temple of Choosir is the second largest building in Kellee, being only slightly smaller than The Town Hall. Like the Town Hall it has tall stone walls, painted in a rich golden hue. The roof of the temple is what makes it really stand out from every other building in town. It is made of heavy copper sheets. The copper has a thick, pale green patina that has formed over the decades the temple has stood there. The temple’s front side is about twenty-five feet wide and two stories tall. It has two bell towers, one at each of the front corners. The church doors open and the group is greeted by two adepts Caim and Waland, as they walk inside. Estrel, stays outside to watch things, just as he did when the party went inside Madame Anca’s tent for the Tarokka card reading. The adepts wear similar robes like the one Ingeld the head priest wears but without the coins sewn in. The group tells the adepts that they are seeking out Elgin the wolf and wondered if they had any useful information regarding him. When Caim and Waland learn they are working for the Reeve on the matter, Ciam offers to take them to see Ingeld. Ingeld tells the group, his time Is money and that a small offering to the church would suffice if he were to assist them. Ingeld is of course glad to see that folks are willing to risk finding Elgin as the murders are having an effect on the town’s commerce. When the party mentions they believe Elgin is infected with lycanthropy and if Ingeld could aid them in any way against facing such creatures, Ingeld mentions that for the right price he can put something together for the party that may be able to assist them. Chandry offers Ingeld 5 gold coins and he accepts the offer, saying he will assist the party by creating 3 magic stones, 6 goodberries and will cast a Continual Light spell upon an object of the party’s choosing. Chandry offers him the hooded lantern for casting the Continual Light spell upon. Ingeld tells them to come back in an hour, to retrieve the rest of the items. Chandry asks Ingeld for directions to the apothecary and is provided the route. The party heads there next. The apothecary’s shop is almost directly in the center of Kellee. It is not far from the Reeve’s house. The building itself is very much like many of the other buildings in the village. It has the same whitewashed wattle and dob walls, and the same stick thatched roof. Even the shop’s size is unremarkable. It’s a single story and only about twenty-five feet wide and thirty-five feet long. A wooden shingle shaped like a mortar and pestle hangs above the door to let visitors know what kind of shop it is. As you enter inside, the shop is filled with amber light provided by several oil lamps. Fully half of the shop lies beyond a counter. Once inside they are greeted by Oslac, the shop owner. The shop is filled with jars of hard candy on one side and bins of dried herbs on the other. You also note all kinds of jars of stuff behind the counter Oslac, is a wizened man, scrawny, and bent by age. What little hair he has left on his head is stringy and gray. Izabel asked Oslac if he has any wolfbane and he does so and offers some for 4 silvers a bunch of which the party buys. With a shaky hand, Oslac places the change on the counter. When Oslac offers the wolfbane to Duncan, he presses down upon it to see if Oslac reacts, but no. Assuming the party knows about Elgin and thus why more out of towners are buying the wolfban, he brings Elgin up. "Elgin, was always a problem, even before he started killing folk. But the last few moons he’s turned lunatic. After his friends, it was only a week before he killed again. He busted in on Forda and Wolfgar, when they was sleeping. Tore out Wolfgars throat. He had a club in his hand when they found his body laying in the kitchen; damn lot of good that club did him. He must of finished off Wolfgar in a flash, cause Forda didn’t get far. Torr told me they found her not thirty paces from her front door, face-down in the grass, with the back of her head bashed in. The worst of it is, that Elgin would do such a thing after all they had done for him. Wolfgar had told me that he and Elgin had an agreement."
"The wolf and his boys could put up for the night in his barn, whenever they wished. In exchange they would leave Wolfgar, Forda, and their farm be. That seems to be his pattern, he’s turned on everyone he was cozy with before he went off his nut. Everyone that is, but the singing girl from the Tall Mug. Of course, she’s probably next. Damn fool girl should move into town. She’s asking to get killed way out there where no one can hear if she screams for help.” When asked Oslac knew what the agreement was, Oslac said he had no idea. When asked, Oslac gives the party the directions to the town’s graveyard, which lays just to the east and that is where they head next. Oslac, also mentions that perhaps the town’s blacksmith at the stables next to the Tall Mug Inn, might be able to silver weapons for them, after Chandry asked him about it. The party goes to the stables next. The Stable is a large building, about fifty feet by thirty feet. It is wattle and dob like most of the buildings in the village. Unlike most of the rest of Kellee, the stable is not whitewashed. Its walls are light brown. The stable is just across the Timori Road from the Tall Mug Inn. Eldwyn the groom, wearing tan breeches and a brown doublet, runs the stable here and greets the party when they walk inside, where they see several horses in stalls, waiting to get new shoes and groomed. The party mentions, that they wonder if Eldwyn can silver weapons for them. Eldwyn says that he can do so if they can find him the silver to use, and cites prices of 4 silvers per dagger, arrow tips are  2 silvers, long swords are 2 electrum coins, a hand axe is 1 electrum. When the subject of Elgin is brought up Eldwyn says, “ The last time I saw that scum, he shorted me a silver. He spurred his horse and yelled over his shoulder. Don’t worry I’ll have more silver than I’ll know how to spend when next we meet. He tore out of town and turned north, off the Timori Road, toward the mountains. That’s the last I seen of him." "Heh, you see I have a crush on Alee-Onna myself, but the bastard, got her first, darn it." Izabel, suspects that Eldwyn  is working for an evil organization, (The Brotherhood), and turned on Elgin, so he could have Alee-Onna. Because she remembers the old woman at the Tall Mug during breakfast (Alodin), mentioning that Eldwyn, owed the Brotherhood a favor. When asked about the Brotherhood, Eldwyn says, “Ya Elgin and that lot were thick for sure, Once I saw him cross the way, next to the mug, trying to act like he was just standing there, while he and Sheply were signaling to and fro with nods and winks. Sheply’s the grave digger. You can be certain the wolf kept him plenty busy. Scum, the pair of um." The party heads to the Tall Mug to see if Aelswith has the basket of foodstuff ready to take up to Alee-Onna’s cottage and she does so they take it now, along with a map to the cottage,  and head for the graveyard to see the undertaker there named Eofor. On the way there they stop back at the Church of Choosir and it is Caim who brings them the now enchanted items, blesses them and off the party goes to the graveyard. About 300 yards to the east of Kellee, on the north side of the Timori Road, the graveyard sits. It is nestled in a hollow between two spurs that extend down from a ridge. The graveyard has a wrought iron fence some ten feet high. Lining the front of the graveyard are the mausoleums of the few wealthy families who live in the village. Beyond the gate you see a tall lean bald fellow, leading a donkey drawn cart with a coffin on it over to what you see is a freshly opened grave, that a younger fellow is standing over with a shovel in hand. The party approaches, a tall, slim man with a bald head. He has a long nose and sunken eyes. He wears black knickerbockers with a white shirt tucked into them. Over his shirt he has a jacket that is the same color as his knickerbockers. The tight-fitting black jacket he wears makes him look almost skeletally thin. This is Eofor, whom greets the party as they approach and they ask for details on the victims of Elgin the wolf. At first Eofor is reluctant on giving the party any information until he is told that they are working on behalf of Dominond the Reeve. Duncan decides to ask, Sheply, the son of Eofor, about the Brotherhood. The gravedigger, looks like a younger healthier version of his father. He has thin light brown hair that hangs down in his eyes and to his shoulders in the back. He is not as thin as his father. His arms are well defined. They can be seen bulging under his jacket sleeve. But Eofor cuts him off, citing that Sheply is too busy to be bothered right now. Now that Eofor knows the party is working for the Reeve, he motions for them to follow him to his office. They see the door is door is made entirely of thick wrought iron, the small room feels almost cozy, with its plush couch, for visitors to sit on. Eofor’s desk, chair, and bookcase, take up most of the back side of the room. A door leading to the embalming room is in the rear right corner of the room. Eofor, goes to his desk, opens a ledger, and begins to read from it, “It was four months five days ago that Elgin’s gang was brought in. They numbered seven in total. All of them had their throats torn out, as well as being stabbed, by a sword like the one Elgin is known to carry. This is actually something that is common to all but one of Elgin’s victims.”   Adventure Time is now April 27th at 10:30 am.   And this ends the gaming session for the day, until next time!   The Adventurers Earned: No Experience Points awarded this session ------- Grand Total: None   Everyone is at 0 XP  Level 1 reached at 300 XP   Loot Found: Wolfbane bunch 3 magic stones (enchanted) 6 goodberries (enchanted) 1 Lantern enchanted with a permanent Continual Light spell 1 basket of food stuff for Alee-Onna   Number of Sessions for current Adventure Module: 3rd  Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 05/10/2020 [1st Session start was 04/26/2020]