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New GM, using Macro's on purchased adventure monsters

I'm new to being a GM and new to Roll20. I've purchased some adventures from Wizards of the Coast on Roll20. All the monsters are pre-loaded there, which is amazing. Now I'm trying to add ability macro's to simplify and speed up the game. Some things I use macro's for are: Attacking with weapons Cast spells from the spell list Iniative Showing traits and DR/Immunities Perception check + passive perception Rolling Saves I've now setup this 3 monsters, but there are so many in the adventure. Is there an easy way to setup different monsters or do I have to copy and paste all the macro's to all the different monsters? I've seen a movie where they suggest setting up a template and then duplicating that, but all the monsters are already setup in the game, so I would have to delete all those and setup them again right? Any tips?
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This is fantastic!  Thanks!
Scott P. said: Will this post help you? I found that yesterday and was a great help. Thank you for the suggestion!