Thank You For Playing today's game 05/16/2020 - From 10:15 am EDT, until 1:00 pm EDT, and our 5th and final Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric – Mountain Dwarf – Akhenaten - AKSHAY J.   Cleric –Hill Dwarf – Travok Lightbearer - Jaster R. Paladin Knight – Human – Barous Bloodbane - Christian W. Ranger – Drow Elf – Rahfen K - Rahfen Bard – Tiefling – Xenia Locoster -  Roxxifarius   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Ranger – High Elf - Ricardo Jamez –  Buddy-D Rogue – Human – Ulvall - Ullek H.     Game Summary for Saturday (05/16/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: April 18; 11:15 pm:   Xenia,  had just casted the Thunderwave spell, at the whelp whom is pushed 15 feet into the giant cable spool device, The mine carts are also set in motion (both levers where pulled up into the half-way position), from the force of the Thunderwave spell and start going down over the ledge!   This is happening as a fight with a Loup-Garou Lycanthrope Whelp (Werewolf (recently infected)) is occurring. Travok makes a successful Death Save rolling a 14!   Round 7 of Combat Begins:   Ulvall, is in the mine cart working the brake, currently set at mid-way (mild braking).   Mountain Loup-Garou, tries to bite Elgin and does so causing 13 piercing damage and infecting him with lycanthropy!   Whelp, is prone from the Thunderwave spell from Xenia.   Rahfen, rolls a 68% with a 50% chance to race up to the cart and get in.   Barous, disengages from his attack on the Mountain Loup-Garou, parrying a bite attack!   Ricardo, is in the cart and cast a fire bolt spell at the Whelp but missed!   Xenia, Casts the Vicious Mockery cantrip at the Whelp, whom failed his wisdom save, rolling a 3, so 2 psychic damage!   Akhenaten, casts the Sacred Flame spell upon the Whelp whom fails a dexterity save rolling 11 needing 12, thus taking 7 radiant damage!     Round 8 of Combat:   Rita fires a short bow from the cart hitting the whelp but the arrow just bounces off him!   Ulvall, is holding onto the brake, keeping it at current speed.   Barous, is still running trying to get into the cart but a roll of 90% shows he doesn’t get in just yet!   Ricardo, casts a Firebolt spell from the cart at the Whelp, hitting it for 3 fire damage!   Xenia, casts the Vicious Mockery cantrip at the Whelp whom makes his wisdom save rolling an 11, so no damage!   Everyone in the party that is in the mine carts now make a Dexterity save to stay in the cart, with half the party needing to be successful and that is the case so the carts keep rolling down the Candlestick mountain side!     Round 9 of Combat!   Rita and Ulvall, keeps the carts at the same speed.   Both the Mountain Loup-Garou and Whelp are 2 map segments behind the party!   Barous, Rolls a Dexterity save now to grab the back cart while running down rolling a successful 21! He is in the cart!   Xenia, Casts the Vicious Mockery cantrip at the Whelp, whom fails the wisdom save rolling a 9, so 4 psychic damage!   Akhenaten, just leans into the curve.   Again, at least half the party makes successful Dexterity saves and the mine carts stay on the track!     Round 10 of Combat!   Rita and Ulvall, move the brake lever on the carts to the full up position to accelerate faster!   Both Loup-Garou are still 2 map segments back!   Ricardo, cast the Fire Bolt spell at the Whelp but missed!   Xenia, cast Vicious Mockery at the whelp, whom fails the Wisdom save rolling a 5, so 4 psychic damage!   Dexterity saves are made and half the party fails their saves so the carts are flying off the tracks and dump the party with various party members taking 1D8 -3 damage!     Round 11 of Combat!   The Werewolves catch up to the party!   Ulvall fires an arrow, that was a solid hit on the Whelp, but it just simply breaks upon impact!   More Werewolves close in on the party now, surrounding them!   Xenia, casts the Vicious Mockery Cantrip at the Whelp, whom makes the Wisdom save so no damage!   Travok, cast the Cure Wounds Spell upon himself healing back 10 hit points!   Combat Ends!   With the party seeing they are outnumbered and surrounded by the various Loup-Garous, they lay down their weapons and raise up hands. The Werewolves then pick up their weapons and have them escorted away!     Adventure Time is now April 18th at 11:30 pm.   And this ends the Final Session for the Raveloft: Prey of the Black Wolf Play Test gaming session!   The Adventurers Earned:   Grand Total: None this session   Everyone is at 175.7 XP  Level 1 reached at 300 XP   Loot Found: None   Number of Total Sessions for current Adventure Module: 5th Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 05/16/2020 [1st Session start was 04/18/2020]