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Aura/Tint Health Color Transparent?

My aim is to have a transparent "tint" at full health.  Then, as the player takes damage, progress in color until the dreaded red X is reached. To do that, I'm using the color ffffff which should be "transparent"; however, when I do that, it still gives me the green color at full health. Am I missing something?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
ffffff isn't transparent, it's white (ff = 100%, ff ff ff is all red, all green, all blue).  That aside, the script doesn't seem to support transparent as a starting color.  It would be a bit hard as there isn't a transparent option for aura colors as they have their own controls over aura transparency.
Hmm, that's a pity because I like it, I just don't like everyone walking around green all the time. I looked on github and don't really see where we could change that but, granted, I've not written in a long.. looooong time.
Sheet Author
You can set at what percentage of health the aura begins to show. For example I only show it on monsters at 50% to signal that the monster is now bloodied, above 50% the monsters do not show any aura. In your case you would want to set it to something like 99% for players. To do it you would enter !aura to see the options. And in the top box, at the bottom is says "Percentage" enter 99 for players and 100 for NPC's and you should be good.
Ah, that's a perfect solution.  Thank you!