[[1d10+@{base_level}]] @{Snick Twee|wtype} &{template:npcaction}  {{rname=Second Wind}}   !modbattr --name Snick Twee --silent --evaluate --hp|$[[0]] --class_resource|-1!!! {{description=Snick Twee  shrugs off his wounds and regains $[[0]] (1d10+fighter level) hit points}} This 2nd Wind macro will: Determine hp to be gained Report Gain in roll template Deduct 2nd Wind use from class resource Add hp to character sheet (using ChatSetAttr) Modifications you need to make to use it: Change "Snick Twee" to your character's name (you can't use @{selected} because of the ChatSetAttr command...for some reason --sel doesn't work in this context?) Possibly change which class resource is being deducted (class_resource, other_resource, repeating_resource, e.g) Tweek template to fit your personal style. If you see ways to improve this, please chime in!  Also, if using Aura/Tint HealthColors, this will not update the tint.  It would be nice to figure out someway to do that.