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[5e OGL] Does anyone know what @{selected|pbd_safe} is? 

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Sheet Author
I think it is a proficiency related attribute generated by sheetworker scripts based on sheet settings. I came up with that by looking up what html code is available for this sheet on github and hitting control + f with pdb_safe as the search term:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I'm always worried by the implication that my macros which call on @{pb} are somehow unsafe .
This thread is the highest Google result that's still not closed, so I'll necro it for future searches: @{pbd_safe} is a suffix Attribute for use with the variant Proficiency Dice rule from the DMG: Proficiency Dice This optional rule replaces a character’s proficiency bonus with a proficiency die, adding more randomness to the game and making proficiency a less reliable indicator of mastery. Instead of adding a proficiency bonus to an ability check, an attack roll, or saving throw, the character’s player rolls a die. The Proficiency Die table shows which die or dice to roll, as determined by the characte r’s level. The default value once the Variant rule is selected is merely a Critical Success/Fumble removal: pbd_safe = cs0cf0 So you can safely leave it out of your custom macros if you don't intend to use this rule. I couldn't find this answer anywhere else, it might be buried somewhere though!
Thanks, Oosh!