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Cannot see all macros as GM

I was made GM of Explorers Guild to Wildemount! but i can't see all the macros in the collections tab that should be there for the game. I'm missing all the ADV1's and maybe some more. Is there an option that we are missing to click on?
I'm pretty sure that the game creator can go into those macros and make them available to you by entering the settings of the macro and scrolling down.  You will have no power to edit them though if I am remembering correctly.
if i can't edit them then whats the point. i need full access to them so i can create the world i need for my players
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You can have the GM copy the text of the macros and send them to you to re-create. I had to do this recently for the few macros that absolutely need to be built in the Collections tab for a game I was setting up for someone else. This is one of the reasons I always advocate to build automation into a  Macro Character Sheet  whenever possible.