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[LFP] 5e Grimdark Fantasy


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Are you looking for a D&D Campaign that offers depth, intrigue, and mystery? A full Role Playing experience? A darker world where the heroes are morally grey?   Are Meta-Gaming Players ruining your enjoyment of the game? We have the perfect solution for you! Westmarch – The Realm Beyond (TRB) is a RP heavy grimdark fantasy. The setting takes inspiration from series like Game of Thrones and games like the Darkest Dungeons, Dark Souls & Bloodbourne. Need more? Start off as level 0 commoner background leaving the fate of which background to the Dice Gods!   Not your thing?   How about a level 1 character that was sent through a portal as a death sentenced prisoner to TRB with nothing except the manacles that was clamped on your wrist!? As the content is not suitable for audiences below the age of 18, you must be this age to be part of the ride! Still need more? We have 5 DM’s running sessions every single week.   Our DM’s cover nearly all time-zones our globe has to offer.   We offer a friendly, fun, active community who are more then happy to assist you as much as we can.   Unsure of your Role Play game? Have no fear!   We offer regular “how to” RP tutorials to help improve your RP game.   We also have a RP based text channel that helps to get into your character more, and practice always makes perfect Need more information? Click on the link below and message either one of these helpful people (Maybe your future DM!) They will verify your age and then you are good to go :D Message me for further details **edit - We also have WorldAnvil, Team Calendar and other goodies on offer @SaintCrypto, @Killerharpy, @Sami (Drax,TBM, Stergo) @Marc570, @Dagooray(34)
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Given that the link is deleted, how to apply? ^^
Hey guys, have also made an edit to the original post :)
bumping, cos I want you guys to experience this awesome setting! :D