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Weird white line above Macro

I'm really new to macro's & Roll20 & D&D and trying to make my also new players abilities easier for them. I've created this macro: @{character_name} &{template:atk}{{desc=**Attacks** **------------------------------------** **Melee** [@{repeating_attack_$2_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$2_attack) [@{repeating_attack_$3_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$3_attack) **------------------------------------** **Ranged** [@{repeating_attack_$0_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$0_attack) **------------------------------------** **Spells** [@{repeating_attack_$4_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$4_attack) [@{repeating_attack_$5_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$5_attack) **------------------------------------** **Spells with Hex** [@{repeating_attack_$6_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$6_attack) [@{repeating_attack_$7_atkname}](~@{character_name}|repeating_attack_$7_attack) }} I'd like this to be whispered to the player and to not have this weird white line above the text. I have a couple that plays on the same account with 2 characters, is that a problem? Thanks!
It might also be nice if the characters name is typed above it so they know for which character it is.
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A screenshot might help identify an issue. It might also be worth prefixing the macro with /w and wrapping the character_name all in "" to avoid issues with strange character name variations.