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Multiple Choice damage makro

Hey there, is there already a macro that includes different types of dmg/factors/initiators? I imagine the following Multiple choice table. 1. Klick Macro 2. Choose between Traps,... 2.1 Traps Choose between Falling Xd6, spiked Pit xd6 falling +xd4piercing +xd6poison, arrowtrap xd6 piercing +xd6 poison , spear trap... .... and so on. I would like to creature/have a macro with some multiple choice stuff to adjust on the fly.  but maybe its just easier to /r xdx dmg Thanks for response! And sure allowed to delete if it does not fit in this forum Greetings
Sheet Author
Personally I use a chat menu for traps. I set the 6 token bar values (bar1, bar1|max, bar2 etc.....) then have a simple chat menu macro to call up these stats, usually with at least one button to roll damage. Is this anything like what you're after?
That seems absolutly like something i would like to play with! How does it work?

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Sheet Author
It's very simple, and uses the default template so should work with any type of game. So for the above example I have a bubbly green token on the GM layer where there's an acid trap. Since players don't step in traps of any given type all that often, I decided to throw all the info on the token so I don't have to scrawl it on the GM layer, there's already enough crap on there. So in token settings, the bar1 field (normally current HP in games I've played) would be the text "DC20 to detect", bar1|max (normally max HP) would be "can't be disabled", bar2 is the next line etc. If you want more than 6 values for the information, you will need to create a character sheet called Acid Trap and link the token to it, you can then go nuts using any field you want, since traps don't need strength, dexterity etc. etc. and adjust the macro to call those attribute instead of the token bar values. The macro is super simple: /w gm &{template:default} {{name=@{selected|token_name}}} {{@{selected|bar1}=@{selected|bar1|max}}} {{@{selected|bar2}=@{selected|bar2|max}}} {{@{selected|bar3}=@{selected|bar3|max}}} Set it as a token action (in collections so it shows up for all tokens), click your trap token then click the macro. Obviously you can use these fields for whatever information you want, it doesn't have to be a trap. Could be some map info, could even be an NPC in town: if you change the {selected} calls to {target}, you can use this kind of thing for NPC conversations/merchant screens etc. for your players. The bar3|max value "Roll Damage" is a clickable link to an Ability macro which rolls the damage for that trap. This requires an attached character sheet, you can skip this step by just having it roll automatically by throwing an inline roll in the field, like [[10d4+10]].