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player menu macro

Why does this: /w @{selected|character_name} &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Player Menu}} {{description=💤 **Rests** [Short Rest](!shortrest @{selected|character_name}) [Long Rest](!longrest @{selected|character_name}) [Spend Hit Dice](~Macros|Spend-Hit-Dice) *--short rest healing* [Collapse Spells](~Collapse-Spells) | [Expand Spells](~Expand-Spells) Show this: and then when I use the longrest or shortrest commands nothing happens to the token
Sounds like an API issue more than a macro issue. Maybe move it to that forum?

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Not an API issue. What is the character directly after the = sign in "description="? It's showing up as a garbage character here, which may be breaking the roll template. If that's not it, then it is almost certainly the missing "}}" at the end.
Yes!  The nefarious double brackett.  I will watch for that in the future.  I got rid of whatever that weird thing was in the description also.