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Unconscious visual effect

So I created a macro that uses the TokenMod API (thanks Aaron). When my PCs fall unconscious, I click and the world goes to only the Advanced Fog of War memory they had. !token-mod --set light_losangle|0 !token-mod --set statusmarkers|+sleepy When they wake up, it goes back to normal. !token-mod --set light_losangle|360 !token-mod --set statusmarkers|-sleepy By using the radius of vision I don't have to mess with their darkvision and it works on those without darkvision who are using other light sources.
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter

Edited 1590587806
thats interesting, you wouldnt think by reading this that advanced fog of war would trigger.  does having advanced fog of war interfere with dynamic lighting?
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Advanced fog of war is active for any token that "has sight"