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Who triggered the event (status request)?

Sheet Author
Over a year ago it was asked whether it would be possible to determine who caused an event, and Riley said it would be added to the list. Could we get an update on this? Looking through the API docs, I can't see any identifying information passed in the events obj parameter. I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented before, and that people prefer using command based interaction model instead of the wonderful point-and-click UI on the table :\ Anyways, this feature is critical to the dice pool building and rolling mechanic I want to build for Cortex Plus games (Firefly, Leverage, Marvel Heroic) feature set I want to develop. An alternative would be to receive click events for players (that is where a player clicks), but that also doesn't seem possible. The tokens on my table represent Complications and Assets, which have a dice value. I want a player to be able to click on a token and have it added to an internal dice pool (just an array of values in my script's state). They can build up the pool from tokens on the table, or attributes in their character sheet. When ready to roll, they can use the RollPool macro which constructs the /roll command and executes it. In the meantime, I think I can use token macros as a placeholder, though this is quite clunky, as it requires an extra macro that sends data to my script via the chat window, which results in lots of noise in the chat window.

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
"Prefer" and "are sucking it up and dealing with it" are two different things. =P I'd love to know who triggered the event outside chat messages.
I think you and the entirety of the mentor community.