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Weekly Gaming Summary #05 (05/24/20):

Thank You For Playing today's 1 st /2 nd Ed. AD&D game 05/24/2020 - From 8:15 pm EDT, until 11:00 pm EDT, and our 5th Ravenloft Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric (of Lightning) – Hairfeet Halfling – Chandry Quick-Foot - Devin M. Fighter – Dwarf – Duncan Steelbeard - Roxxifarius Ranger – Human – Estrel Tol - Christopher G. Thief – Human- Izabela Castorena - Phoenix   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Ranger – High Elf - Ricardo Jamez –  Buddy-D ???? - Jack J.   Game Summary for Sunday (05/24/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: April 27; 1:15 pm:   The adventurers had just left Alee-Onna’s cottage after a welfare check and dropping off a basket of food. When about 200 yards away there is a commotion heard back at the cottage prompting the party to run back and see what is going on!   NOTE: The base running speed would be: Running 360ft (unencumbered) /  270ft (armored or encumbered). On a realistic note: 9.58 seconds is the fastest for a 100 yard dash for Usian Bolt and 10.49 for Florence Griffith-Joyner. So since I have the combat rounds = to 6 seconds it would take the armored party characters 3 rounds to reach the house. Estrel at first tries to slam the front door open then remembers the axe on the pile of logs in the back and runs back there as Duncan goes and has a look at the side window.   As Estrel is chopping away at the back door, Duncan sees that the window shutters have been torn off and laying on the ground. The window itself has been smashed through with most of the debris falling inside of the house. Duncan also notes a trail of blood leading to and then out of the window and into the apple orchard to the west.   Duncan sees that Alee-Onna is laying on the floor in a pool of blood, with a bloodied dagger in one hand and the other hand near her neck.   Estrel gets inside and goes over to Alee-Onna to have a look, he sees a bite wound on her neck, just like the one he saw on Dunno’s neck. Chandry comes in and has a look at Alee-Onna, while the rest of the party also has a look inside. Estrel goes back out to meet Duncan and have a look at the trail of blood.   Chandry, has a listen for a heart beat and feels for a pulse but there is none and his magics are not strong enough to revive her in any way. Chandry, notes that the bag of coins that Alee-Onna talked about are now gone, as the bag is no longer tied to her waist.   Duncan shouts inside for someone to take Alee-Onna’s dagger and Izabel quickly snags it, then wipes the blood off. The dagger is of fine craftsmanship.   The party then heads out to follow the trail of blood and prints, led by Estrel, as he tracks with his ranger skills.   The trip through the forest takes two hours and no other encounters happened. They come out of the forest and onto a road going north and south. They turn north according to the hand drawn map Alee-Onna gave them. Hoping it will take them to the Candlestick Mountain mine.   About an hour and a half later they come upon a wagon sitting to the side of the road.   As you round a bend in the road, you see a horse and cart on the right. The horse is lying on its side and is not moving. From somewhere in the carts general direction you can hear a rhythmic scraping sound, like two rough stones being rubbed vigorously together. As party members approach the wagon, a shrill buzzing squeal is heard as 3 strange humanoid flying creatures barely a foot tall pop out of the horse, zipping around you like really aggressive hornets! Estrel exclaims, “Stop! We are NOT here to Take your meal away from you!”   The Unseelie Sprites as they are called just ignore him and attack the party!   Initiative rolls are made and Round 1 of Combat begins:   Izabel, swings her broad sword at Unseelie Sprite #01, slicing through the creature in mid-air, defeating him!   Chandry, jabs at Unseelie Sprite #03, with a spear, stabbing the creature for 6 damage, severely wounding him!   Unseelie Sprite #03, hits Chandry back with it’s 4 inch long short sword for 1 damage!   Ricardo, fires an arrow with the long bow but missed Unseelie Sprite #03!   Duncan, hits Unseelie Sprite #03 for 4 damage, dropping the creature!   Estrel fires an arrow with the short bow at point blank range of 6 to 30 ft, hitting for 4 damage, the creature is surely dead now!   Round #01, Second Attacks:   Estrel fires an arrow, at Unseelie Sprite #02 but missed!     Round #02 of Combat: The shrill buzzing sound is now heard coming from a tree to the north east as 3 more Unseelie Sprites come flying at the party to join the fray!   Izabel, swings her broad sword at Unseelie Sprite #02 but missed!   Unseelie Sprite #05 and #06 casts a Magic Missile spell at Duncan, hitting for 4 damage each (8 total)!   Chandry, hits Unseelie Sprite #02 for 1 damage with the spear!   Unseelie Sprite #02, missed Chandry with the 4 inch long short sword!

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Unseelie Sprite #4 casts a Magic Missile spell at Duncan, hitting for 2 damage, dropping him!   Ricardo, runs up to an unseelie sprite but missed with his long sword!   Duncan, laying on the ground unconscious, drops to -2 hit points and needs to be stabilized!   Estrel, fires an arrow but missed Unseelie Sprite #02!   Round 2 Second Attacks:   Estrel, fires his 2 nd arrow and hits Unseelie Sprite at point blank range for 12 damage, dropping the sprite!     Round #03 of Combat:   Izabel, swings the broad sword at Unseelie Sprite #04 but missed!   Unseelie Sprite #06, fires an arrow with the 6 inch long short bow at long range of 18 to 25 ft, for 1 damage on Ricardo!   Unseelie Sprite #05, fires an arrow at medium range 9 to 17 ft, at Izabel, hitting for 1 damage!   Chandry, missed Unseelie Sprite #05 with the spear!   Unseelie Sprite #04, missed Izabel with the short sword!   Ricardo, hits Unseelie Sprite #06 for 2 damage with the long bow!   Duncan, is at -3 hit points as he continues to lose blood!   Estrel, fires an arrow at Point Blank Range and nails Unseelie Sprite #06 for 14 damage, dropping him!   Round #03 Second Attacks:   Estrel, fires an arrow at Point Blank Range at Unseelie Sprite #05 but missed!     Round #04 of combat   Izabel, rolls a critical 20 and hits Unseelie Sprite #04 for 12 damage with the broad Sword, defeating him!   Unseelie Sprite #05, attacks with the short sword at Chandry hitting for 1 damage!   Chandry, missed Unseelie Sprite #05 with the spear!   Ricardo, hits Unseelie Sprite #05 for 4 damage with his long bow, defeating him!   End of Combat!   Estrel, rolls a 50% on his Tracking Outdoors check, needing a 70% or less so he spots a patch of recently bent grass, as if something was dragged up to the tree. Estrel sees that rope has been tied around the tree as he approaches it. When he reaches the tree and looks around the other side he finds a human male, whose skin has been mostly flayed off from the waist up and is dead. His pants and jersey indicate he may have been a farmer.   No items of value were found around the body. Chandry, gives the farmer’s body a quick blessing.   Izabel hops into the wagon to look at it’s cargo to see it is 4 barrels filled with apples.   The party then continues on the road, when 1.5 hours later they reach the Corvis river at the location of a ford. There is a bridge with tracks going over the river here.   Walking across the bridge Izabel, looks for any trap upon it but does not find one, rolling a 13% and needing 20% or less.   They see that the track rises steadily up the Candlestick mountain side, bending and curving and looking really steep in some places. They proceed to hike and climb up the tracks and the eventually reach the top at a level area where there is a mine entrance:   Here is a level area in front of the mine, that is about 65 feet long by around 55 feet wide, at its widest point. The cart tracks run roughly down the middle of the ledge. The ledge is covered with coarse gravel, a byproduct of digging the mine.   There are two mine carts sitting on the tracks near the edge of the ledge, one behind the other with a cable between them. The insides are covered with the dust of dirt and rocks from use. They are attached to a cable, that runs up to a complex pulley system at the top of a twenty-foot wooden tower, and then on to a huge winch off to one side. The winch is over twenty feet wide. It is mostly made of an enormous spool of heavy cable, mounted on an iron platform. Next to the spool is a tall handle.   The hooded lantern that Ingeld the cleric had cast a continual light spell upon is, unhooded and the party proceeds to have a look inside of the mine. The first thing they noticed was that the walls glittered from the silver dust in the rock. The track continues along down the passage as well.   They spot some blood drippings along the passage, which appears to have been here for a while now, since some of it is worn from footsteps crossing over it. Coming to a fork the bear right which eventually comes to an open shaft in the floor with another winch mechanism in place with handles on both sides of the shaft for working. A thick cable is suspended from a pulley system and going down the center of the shaft. They see the passage continues beyond the reach of the lantern light on the other side.   The handle is turned and the rope is seen to move upwards as something down in the shaft creaks and groans and eventually an elevator car arrives with mine cart tracks on it’s floor.   Before going down the shaft the party decides to continue down the passage to see what lays beyond and they spot about 4 holes along the floor (2 on each side), each of them just big enough for a gnome to squeeze through. They shine the lantern into them to see they go back a distance than turn out of sight.   Duncan looks for a trap around one hole rolling a 98%, needing a 50% or less so did not find one. Duncan, sees that the holes are not symmetrical, so likely not made by dwarves.   Currently there is not enough loose rubble around to plug the holes.   Izabel, getting the creeps, wants to turn back and check the left turn. Duncan feels that creatures have made the holes.   They continue down the passage until it reaches a dead end and when they turn around to go back:   As you turn to retread your steps, off in the distance you see several sets of glowing red eyes reflecting back your lantern light. Suddenly a cacophony of squeals split the air as a pack of boar sized rats’ charges into the light with ravenous hunger in their eyes.   Adventure Time is now April 27th at 7:30 pm.   And this ends the gaming session for the day, until next time!   The Adventurers Earned: Unseelie Sprite (6): 450 Each: 2,700 / 5 = 540 XP each player character ------- Grand Total: 2,700   Everyone is at 540 XP  Loot Found: Alee-Onna’s Dagger   Number of Sessions for current Adventure Module: 5th  Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 05/23/2020 [1st Session start was 04/26/2020]