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[PF] Jade Regent adventure path. Roleplay-focus. Saturdays ETS (most likely).

So the title kind of explains things. I've been trying to run this game for a while with mixed success. I'll get the basics out of the way here; -Skype voice mandatory. Sorry, I can't work with text. -I would really like players to be familiar with the Golarian/Varisia setting. Experience with Rise of the Runelords is major points. -Normal character building stuff, I prefer a focus on personality, story, and interaction rather then mechanical ability. -Normal game stuff I guess? I'd put point buys and banned classes here, but people always ask anyway. But more than anything, I haven't been DMing for a while so I'm just looking for a cool group of people to finish a campaign with. The kind of player who doesn't throw tantrums or go rules-lawyer. I'm a pretty laid back guy, and don't really want to deal with clashing personalities and all that. As for time, it'll most likely be Saturday evenings (EST). I can do weekdays, but only if there's a massive demand for a change in time. Any questions, send to me in a PM or something.
Bump. Alternatively, contact me on Skype. Address is Askren-

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Hello! I'm pretty new here, and I am looking for a campaign to join. Before I go into my experience (or lack thereof), I must say my schedule is weird. I work rotating shifts, so my days and nights change fairly often, but I have a good idea of how my schedule changes in advance. If that is too much of a turn off, let me know. I won't be offended, and I'd rather not waste both our times. :) Anyway, all that aside, I have a couple months experience with Pathfinder and 3.5e, but almost none with Golarian/Pathfinder APs. (I ran the first two modules of one AP, but moved the setting to a homebrew one). I enjoy roleplaying and roll-playing in pretty much equal measure, with maybe a shade of bias towards the role. Finally, I'm currently living in New York state, so EST for me. Are you wanting character concepts at this point in time, or will that be a group thing? Edit: I dug up my Skype account: cganders93
Rob C
Id be interested in getting involved, I don't have alot of knowledge of the setting but know PF well, I DM an in person game biweekly. Added you on skype if youd like to talk in real time
Bump. There may be a game Mondays, but it still needs players. Outside of that, I'd still do something on the weekends if I found the right group. I should point out, I know people are going to say they don't know the setting, and that's why I laid out what information would be necessary. I can provide the books, but players will need to actually read them.
So is there not going to be a Saturday game then? Weekends are really the only good time for me, and I know the Golarion setting pretty well, considering I'm also running a RotRL group in a PbP game.
Well, I've only really spoken to one person who said he could put together his own people for Mondays. Again, I'm the kind who likes to sit down and talk to people and get to know them and their expectations to make sure I get the right players before I put together a finalized group. That said, I don't really like to rush things, so it's unlikely that this Saturday would be anything, as I don't really expect to have a full group by then, and I like to use the first session to do character building stuff.
Gotcha. I don't blame you on that one. It's just that I can't do weekdays because I'm out of the house about 630ish in the morning and won't be back until 630 in the evening at the earliest, depending on work and traffic, PST anyways lol. Makes it hard to play, especially when my fiance works graveyard shifts lol. If you do end up finding people for Saturdays, I'd be glad to join in!
I'd be interested in playing, I've always focused more on character concepts than min/maxing (to the annoyance of my fellow players sometimes) but I do try to make characters that are interesting in terms of personality but also at least moderately useful in combat. I've wanted to play the Jade Regent adventure since I heard about it too, so I'd be super pumped to get to run through it. My biggest problem is that I usually work on Saturday evenings until 11, but if you're willing to be up that late I'd totally be willing to play all through the night. Hope I can join in, but totally understand if that time is too late for you.
I can't really do a game starting at 11PM and even if I did there'd be no one else to play it. I don't like weekdays if I can avoid them because work schedules mean it's really, really hard to get any amount of people together at a set time and day. So like I said, Saturday is my default unless there's overwhelming request for a different time that can be agreed on. I help out with a game on Sundays.