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(BST/GMT+2) Player LFG Pathfinder 2nd Edition...

Is anyone out there playing 2e Pathfinder and looking for a new player? I have never played pathfinder before but I am looking for a game to learn the ropes. Anyone interested and able to fit in with me being BST? Send me a mail or post here if you are interested :)
Hi, I've been scouring these boards the last week or so looking for a PF2e group, too. I'm currently a GM for a D&D5e group, and a player in another D&D5e group, but I've been looking to play PF2e ever since I read the Players Hand Book. I don't know enough about PF to DM a game yet, but I'd be interested in playing, especially with people who are also new to the system. Stay in touch! (I'm a homemaker in Montreal, a pandemic hotspot of Canada, so availability isn't really an issue ;)
Oh nice! Id love to play with you. so ill definitely keep in touch! do you have discord?
most dms dont want to dm pf2 sadly 8( im about to hire a dm for pf2 if any of you would want to go in on that
Message me

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I'm so sorry, RC1988! I'm new to how these forums work, and only by accident found this thread again. I'm EmuMescheder#8418 on Discord, but I'm not very active. I found that a Jeremy H. is looking for players to go in with him on an Extinction Curse; caveat is that he's charging $40 a head to cover book/map costs, but I've collectively paid more than that for IRL groups, so I'm willing to go in. It's early days, so maybe you can jump in to if you're willing. Apologies again for leaving you hanging.
Hey RC, I'm also looking for a party to play pathfinder. Wanna look together? I've only played a few sessions before. My discord is: The Real Wolfy#9618