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What can you do with Character Sheets if Supporter/Mentor that you can't do as non-subscriber? How to modify a sheet?


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Hi! Liking the new Character Sheets feature that is launched today. Thank you Roll20. This is an exciting step. Here is the Wiki about it, which I am working my way through understanding, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> As a non-subscriber GM (I have donated to one of my GM's subscription cost) I've added AD&D 2E character sheet, to 1 of my campaigns, to begin experimenting with this. So far so good. My basic question: Can someone explain in plain language, what MORE you can do with character sheets IF you become Supporter, or if you become Mentor? Or, what is required if you want a slightly different character sheet than the templates currently offered? I see it's discussed in the Wiki, but would still like to hear some straight talk from anyone else who is looking to change one of the existing sheets. Many questions about this running through my mind::: Would I be able to make minor changes to the sheet? And how? Please describe the basic process and difficulty level. What if I want to change a single word on the sheet to different terminology? What if I want to change the background color on the sheet? What if I want to delete a section of a character sheet, but leave the rest intact? What level of subscription is needed to get this ability to modify a sheet, Mentor or Supporter can do it? How much knowledge of CSS do you need to make minor changes in a sheet, can someone with minimal knowledge of CSS simply go into the code & find a single word (terminology) to change, or a section to remove, or a #color-code to change, and make that change in the CSS text perhaps with a simple text editor, and save it as a new sheet using 99% of the CSS from an existing sheet? After accomplishing this, is it difficult to get your modified sheet uploaded / available? Do you have to use github for that, and does your modified sheet have to be approved by Roll20, or can you simply save your modified sheet within Roll20 specific for your own campaign and begin using it without getting it approved for widespread distribution and inclusion in the templates list?
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Basically the Wiki says you need Mentor subscription to build/create a new character sheet. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... I don't see it mentioning if you can make minor modifications to a sheet without building a new sheet. (?) Is the best way to make minor modifications would be to become Mentor, and copy an existing sheet, and make changes to the copy, and then "save the changed version as a new sheet"?
Sam M.
Sheet Author
Yes, you'd become a mentor, copy the sheet from Github, make edits, and save it as a custom sheet.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
I answered this here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Thanks Riley. (And Sam) I'm just now going through the Data Delve announcement thread, and Riley also addressed this question there. He said, (bolding added by me), re-quoted here to help me compile / understand what I can do & how to accomplish what I want (minor homebrew changes to existing community sheet for personal campaign not for release to everyone): Riley D. said: @Gold That's exactly what the Mentor feature is for. Sorry if we haven't been clear on that. You could go to the Github repo, get the HTML and CSS from there for the Pathfinder sheet, paste them into the HTML/CSS box of the editor for your campaign, and then make whatever changes you want. Those changes would only show up for your specific campaign and they don't have to be approved by anyone. That really answers it! Thanks again. --Gold More responses relevant to this line of questions: In the Data Delve announcement thread (bolding added by me): Riley D. said: Tom said: So it possible to modify an existing character sheet template at the Supporter level? By that I mean change the array of attributes? Tweak the roll functions? Or is that level of customization left only to those with Mentor status. Because if that's the case...I know you guys gotta make a living, but I'm pretty disappointed. Sure, its great when you are running D&D or Pathfinder, but if you are playing some small press game that isn't on your list of games, you are kinda left in the cold. Or is there an option that I'm missing? On a related note, if I create a custom template for my game and my Mentor status expires, do I lose access to my template? Only Mentors can have a custom sheet with custom HTML/CSS/rolls/etc. Everyone else can use the community sheets as they are. That said, the sheets are all open source, so if you want to contribute to them for the whole community you can do so: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... . But obviously that would not be for homebrew rules and the like, but you could certainly contribute a sheet for a small press game even if you're not a Mentor, and then everyone can use it. Keep in mind you can use the existing Attributes + Abilities functionality alongside the sheet. So you could use the base sheet for the game as-is, and then have additional stats or actions in the Attributes + Abilities pane. Then also this (Bolding added by me) Riley D. said: All the documentation for how to write the sheets is here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> .... Honestly, creating a sheet for the community is not something I would recommend that everyone (or even most people) do. It's meant more for people who are already familiar with HTML/CSS, and obviously either being a Mentor or knowing a Mentor (James you mentioned your GM is one) so they can test your code for you helps. We don't anticipate having thousands of people making sheets. Most people are going to just use the community sheets. And if you look at the contribution guidelines in the Github repo, you'll note we only really want one sheet per game system, and we want it to use the official rules, not custom/homebrew ones. If you are wanting to just take a game sheet and make a few minor modifications to it for your own custom rules/homebrew, or something like that, that's what the Mentor feature is for.