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[AD&D 2E Revised] Proficiency calculator, Attribute auto-fill, Turn Undead buttons and much more!


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Peter B.
Sheet Author
Hello Roll20 and AD&D 2E players. I am at it again with another update containing features, improvements, bugfixes and more. New Features Proficiencies calculator and styling Before After Changes Added headers for Nonweapon proficiencies table Reordered colums so that Slots com after Name, just like weapon Move the ability score to be closer to the roll button so that reading the numbers makes more sense Added a total slots field, inspired by the rogue section, that can either hold a single number or a calculation that allows for a progression math expression. Added a calculation for remaining slots left to spend, for easer notice when you get new slots after a level up. Added a single notes field to each column of weapon and nonweapon proficiencies. Added placeholder text to the notes, showing the default progression math expression for the four base class groups. Added headers and styling to the Languages table Added better output for rolling Ability score attribute auto-fill Requested by Matt Before After Changes Auto-fills the sub attributes for each ability score Strength handles exceptional strength values by using the syntax 18[53]. Placeholder text is added to guide the player If a primary ability score is empty, then nothing happens If a primary ability score is 0, then error is printed in all fields and the Notes field is updated with a more precise error. On the standard tab, fields such as Notes, Bonus Priest Spells and Spell Immunity is all kept in a single field On the Players Option's tab notes are split out to each field depending on the ability score it reads from. Bonus Priest spells and Spell immunity is always split into two tabs for easier reading Spell immunity is accumulated from the highest value. This is done to make sure the field always updates when the ability score updates. If the Player's Option is chosen then each sub ability score is read and used, if it is blank then a fallback to the primary ability score is used. Regeneration field has been moved to float in the middle to indicate that it is dependent on the Consitution score, and not any of the sub ability scores A %-sign have been added to fields that are percentage, to avoid players setting a percentage sign in the field itself. Dexterity, Aim and Balance also updates the Rogue section with dexterity bonuses to thief skills A HUGE note on dexterity For Thief skills adjustment based on dexterity I have used the following tables as resources: The Players Handbook (PHB) Player Option's: Skills and Powers (PO) Min and max values When reading the appropriate value for dexterity I have taken the PO table as my default, as it had the same values as the PHB, but continued up to 22 dexterity. I have not extended this table up to 25 or down to under 9. Above 22 dex the table keeps the same value as at 22, so if you have 24 dex it will give you a bonus of +30 to Pick pocket, if you have below 9, it will give you 0 as you are not a rogue at this point, as rogues require a minimum of 9 dex. Selecting a value As the Aim and Balance table are not the same as the dex table, ie. 22 dex gives +30 Pick pocket 22 aim gives +25 Pick pocket I only take a value from the aim table, if Aim has a value on the character sheet. If Aim is empty, then Dex will be used, and read from the Dex table. This process goes for Pick Pocket, Open Locks, Move Silently and Climb Walls. Climb Walls bonus Taking a closer look at the PHB table shows that it gives no bonus to Climb walls. I handle this by deciding if the current player is using Standard or PO, by reading the Aim and Balance fields. If both Aim and Balance fields are empty, then the player is using the Standard rule set and the Climb Walls bonus will be 0. If either of Aim or Balance has a value, then the player is using PO rule set and Climb Walls will either be read using Balance or using Dex. Thus a Dex of 17, Aim of 15 and Balance of  blank  will give a climb wall bonus of 0. If the Balance stat is 17, then the Climb Wall bonus will be +5% Tunneling and Esacpe bonds These are only added if any of Aim or Balance has a value. If not then they are set to 0. Turn Undead buttons Requested by Paul Before After Changes Added a copy of the Deity input-field to remind the player of inserting a deity name Added three buttons for standard rolls. This is to better let new players get started with Turning Undead, if you are unfamiliar with Roll20 commands. Added an extra 'All in One' button for the lazy people who do not want to click too much. (Looking at you Paul ;) ) The name of the priest's deity is added to the text for extra flair as the PHB states that the priest channels a portion of their deity's power. Annoncement box Added the same annoucement box that is used on the Simple Sheet for better information players who do not read the forums Improvements Enabled fields Before After Changes The first line in all these tables had a field that was disabled because the underlying sheetworker was not setup to read the value of the fields These lines are now active and the sheet worker has been updated to correctly read the fields and calculate the total Summed weight on mount was an existing field but was hidden. It has been shown to let players know the load they have on their mount Current Stored weight have been added to let players know what the total weight is of their hoard of items stored. Placeholder styling Before After Changes Found a way to make newlines in placeholder text. This works on majority of browers Added new placeholder text, of course with newlines Bugs Currency calculators Reported by Cliff Before After Changes Fixed the Platinium piece calculation for the Standard and BirthRight setting from being 1 PP = 10 GP to be 1 PP = 5 GP As per the PHB. The exchange rate was already correct for the other settings. Movement weight Before After Changes Weight from BirthRight currency was not added to total movement weight I don't know if this was intentional as in the BirthRight setting you play as a rich guys, and probably have slaves to carry all your stuff, but still. Should be added Finally I want to give a big  Thanks *bigger than that* Thanks *big ass!* THANKS! to  Andreas J. ! He has been continously uploading my changes to a test game so that I could test it and make sure everything worked as expected! I could not have done it without him! This is all the changes for this update. Hope you guys like what is to come! :)
Forum Champion
Looks good thank you everyone 2E AD&D
I really, really, really appreciate the updates. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Peter B.
Sheet Author
Nick R. said: I really, really, really appreciate the updates. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're welcome! Any part of it you fancy? :)
Thank you for doing this, it's all really helpful. 
Peter B.
Sheet Author
Lexin said: Thank you for doing this, it's all really helpful.  Thank you for the kind words. It really nice to know that people appreciate what I do :)