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Friday Morning 10:00 AM CDT Role Playing Opportunity in an OSR Fantasy Setting


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First off do not confuse me with someone calling themselves Ajax DM and who runs Paid Games. Ajax games are always paid quality and always FREE! The Game Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This campaign will not appeal to the video game set of those entrenched in D&amp;D 5E, players here will use their own imaginations to create characters built on their own ideas instead of using parts thought up by a game designer to sell books. The system used here is a very Rules Light system called Base10. Base10 is very easy to learn and very powerful. It revolves around 10 Abilities instead of 6, they are Strength (STR), Agility (AGL), Constitution (CON), Will (WIL), Intelligence (INT), Lore (LOR), Dexterity (DEX), Wisdom (WIS), Charisma (CHA), and Luck (LUK). Characters are created using a simple array: of +3,+2,+2,+1,+1,+1,0,0,-1,-2 and a choice of one special ability (these are not listed here). As characters level, these increase. Base10 is Still a d20 system, that is you are rolling a d20 and adding or subtracting a Modifier and comparing it to a Target Number. Chance of Death is actually real and magic is very powerful for those who can wield it. The Game is the Story: The story is built through DM and Player Improvisation and certain random events that shape the world around the characters. The player's forge their character's destinies through interactive role play. Our motto is, "A Good Description of Your Action is Better then a Good Dice Roll" If this is something you would like to be part of and can commit to a game played in the morning, post something here, include any role playing experience you've had. Thank you. -Ajax

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Ajax said: First off do not confuse me with someone calling themselves Ajax DM and who runs Paid Games.&nbsp; The one spamming in the LFG-threads? Yeah I thought that wasn't you ;) What is the difference between Lore and Wisdom? &nbsp;
STR = Strength, how strong you are, also affects Melee Skill AGL = Agility, affects Physical Athletics CON = Constitution, how much Physical Duress you can endure WIL = Will, how much Mental Duress you can endure DEX = Dexterity, this is your manual dexterity INT = Intelligence, this is how Smart you are LOR = Lore, how much knowledge you have, how much can you recall WIS = Wisdom, effects how pious you are and how you perceptive the things around you CHA = Charisma, how others perceive you, your appearance, any performing talents you might have LUK = Luck, how Lucky you are, "Luck can often save a man if his courage holds"
Sounds good to me. I'm interested.