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Weekly Gaming Summary #07 (06/07/20):

Thank You For Playing today's 1 st /2 nd Ed. AD&D game 06/07/2020 - From 8:10 pm EDT, until 11:00 pm EDT, and our 5th Ravenloft Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric / Fighter – Half Elf – Fuci Lumet - Zenny Fighter – Dwarf – Borimor Redbeard - Roxxifarius Ranger – High Elf – Puto Magee –  Buddy-D Thief – Human- Norrila Vita - Phoenix   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Cleric (of Lightning) – Hairfeet Halfling – Levin Quinley - Devin M. ???? - Jack J. Ranger – Human – Dix Ashien - Christopher G.   Game Summary for Sunday (06/07/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: May 11; 6:00 am: A week has now passed since the previous search party has been heard from and a group group of Kellee townsfolks has been assembled to hunt for Elgin and see what happened to the previous two parties, if possible. The group is inside the Tall Mug Inn having breakfast before leaving town.   Puto is talking to a lady that reeks strongly of ale, asking her what if anything she knows about Elgin.   Aara is a stoutly built woman with broad hips and back. She seems to be in her late thirties. Her shoulder length, black hair is streaked with a few stray grays. When she smiles, it is noticeable that she is missing one of her front teeth. She wears a knee length dress that has a burgundy top and silver skirt with black demask patterns on it. A stained apron protects the front of her dress. Aara the brewmeister s ays, "Aye he’s a scoundrel, but he was always quick to buy another round for the room. Couldn’t hold um spirits though. I could drink um under the table on me worst day. When he was in town, hit was always a gay time."   Aara pauses and smiles with a gap-toothed grin.   "Once I took him home wit me, oh what a night.” A concerned look creeps over her visage, “Oh I shouldn’t uh said that. I’ll be thanking ya to be keepin that under ya hats. Alee-onna is dead now, as it is, no need in addin to the town’s hurts."   Fuci, asked Aelswith the Innkeeper about Elgin, and all she had to say was, “ Alee-Onna, my singing girl was all twiterbated over that rapscallion. He done broke her heart. She's dead now and likely by that creep."   Fuci says, “ Damn. That's a shame. I'm sorry for your loss. Do you have any clue about his whereabouts?"   Aelswith says, “She has no idea where Elgin could be now”.   Borimor asks Hoc about Elgin.   Hoc the trapper, is a wiry man in his early thirties. He is a little taller than the average man in Kellee, being around five feet ten inches tall. His shaggy blond hair is dirty and unkempt. He wears a sleeveless, dark green tunic and brown leather breeches. On his belt, he carries a long knife and a quiver of arrows. He has an unstrung short bow strapped to his back.   Hoc says, "He is a dangerous one he is. Soons cut ya as shake ya hand. Sayin that though, if ya could get him to make a deal, he’d stick to it. A turn coat he’s not. Torr says he killed the wolf pack for they share of the loot, maybe… but those boys was like brothers to him, sos I have a hard time seein him doing it."   "Last place I heard he might have been, was that silver mine up on the border, but that’s before the killin round these parts started." “I can show you the way to the Candlestick mountain mine for a few silvers.”   Borimor, thanks Hoc for the information and pays him 5 silvers up front.   Yrse is the next inn patreon asked about Elgin.   Yrse is a squat man, his husky build makes him seem shorter than his true five feet seven-inch height. He has a shaved head and a heavy, black mustache. He appears to be in his mid-thirties. Yrse wears heavy, gray tunic and thick linen trousers of the same color. Yrse is the wheelwright. Yrse says, "That bastard kilt my maw and paw! If you find him, I’ll give you fifty gold to let me have first crack at him!"   Borimor says, “I’ll remember that as we go looking for him.”   Yrse says, "Well I don't think he is in Kellee, you can be sure of that. Even the Dark Brotherhood wouldn’t hide that scum. He’s out in the woods someres. Them woods are slap full of nasty things. If I was you, I’d take some of that healing ointment old Oslac sells in his shop down yawn ways. It will fix ya right up if ya get hurt, out in the sticks."   Borimor thanks Yrse and says he will stop at the apothecary before leaving town.   Then Awel the jeweler is asked about Elgin.   Awel is a short woman, standing only five feet tall, she appears to be in her late twenties. She keeps her dishwater blond hair in a bun. Her dress is made of lime green velvet. It covers her to her ankles and has elbow length sleeves. Small round spectacles rest on the bridge of Awel’s nose, making her blue eyes seem unnaturally large. Awel says, "Elgin's a monster. If they catch him, I hope they find a way to execute him that takes days. Beheading is too good for the likes of him. He killed Rodra, my silver supplier. Sure, Rodra was a little strange, but he was a dwarf, so you’d expect that. That bastard didn’t have to kill him and his family, up on Candlestick Mountain. He could have just robbed them and left them alive."   Fuci says, “Wow, he's killed a lot of people. We'll make sure to  burn  him for you."   The party asks Jowan the coachman, about Elgin.   Jowan is a broad-shouldered man with a neatly trimmed mustache. He keeps his short dark hair slicked back. He wears a high collared, blue jacket, with an auburn shirt underneath it. His snug fitting, white, wool britches are tucked into the tops of his shiny, black riding boots. A saber hangs in a metal scabbard, from his belt. Jowan says, "first had dealings with him and his lot back a few years ago. They blocked the Road, said they’s collecting tax. I knew what was afoot as soons as I seen um, but there was too many of um for me and mine to handle, sos I payed up. The Wolf told me to drops the tax in a box in a tree stump, by the Koshka Bridge, from then on, whenever my coach came north of Egertus. I reckoned it was just the cost of doing business in these parts, sos I added the cost into the price of my fare. When I went to the tax box to pay for this trip. I saws that my payment from last trip was still there. When we pulled into Kellee this morning, I found out why. One less ting I gota worry about whens I come north, from now on."   They head to the apothecary and Oslac sells 1 jar of first aid paste for 4 coppers, then off they head, traveling the Timori road then turning onto the North road with Hoc as a guide.   About a hour and a half later on the North road the near the same area where the farmer’s cart used to be, the Unseelie Sprites spring on the party!   Surprise Rolls are made and nobody was surprised by the Unseelies showing up! However, the sprites have a fear effect which can cause people to run away so a Saving Throw Vs Spell is made by everyone.   Only Fuci made the saving throw and thus the rest of the party retreats back down the road, running at full speed for 1 minute as rolled. Fuci, momentarily pauses then decides to run and catch up with the rest of the group!   Fuci says, "Now that you're done being panzies, shall we go slaughter those little shits?"   Borimor says, "Yes, Lets go kill them evil flies".   Norrila says, "Do you normally have foot tall naked monsters run at you Fuci?"   Fuci says, "No. Usually it's 5 foot tall naked women, and I usually win against them.  Usually. "   Again they approach the area where the unseelie sprites were.   This time Heward and  Hobb the henchmen, Beta the dog and Fuci were surprised.   The Saving Throw vs Spell against the Fear effect is made.   This time only Beta the dog, Hobb the henchman and Levin were not feared but like before with Fuci, they decide to run back and catch up with the rest of the party!   Norrila says, "You know. What if we just go around them? Like a good mile around them. Maybe two. I’d be fine with four."   Fuci says, "Yeah, let's do that."   Borimor says, "I be fine wit takin a longer walk"   So now the party takes a long detour into the woods off the north road, in the hope they loop around the Unseelie Sprites and it turns out they avoid them and any other possible random encounter while in the woods. So eventually they come back out onto the North road, way farther up ahead and continue on.

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Eventually they reach the Corvis river in a spot where the dwarves built a ford and a mine cart bridge to cross over it.   They Thank Hoc for leading them here and he heads back to Kellee, saying he knows his way around the woods, being a trapper so he should be ok.   Borimor leads the party along the bridge testing each footing as he moves forward. Once across they begin the hike and climb up the mountainside, following the tracks upward with it’s many steep parts and twisting curves.   Once they reach the top lead where the mine opening is this is what they see:   The ledge is sixty-five feet long by around fifty-five feet wide, at its widest point. The cart tracks run roughly down the middle of the ledge. The ledge is covered with coarse gravel, a byproduct of digging the mine. There are two mine carts sitting on the tracks near the edge of the ledge. They are attached to a cable, that runs up to a complex pulley system at the top of a twenty-foot wooden tower, and then on to a huge winch off to one side. The winch is over twenty feet wide. It is mostly made of an enormous spool of heavy cable, mounted on an iron platform. Next to the spool is a tall handle that can be worked back and forth to slowly wind or unwind the spool. This winch was used to methodically raise and lower the mine cars to and from the ford below. Borimor, checks out the two mine carts, and sees that they are in good shape, just dusty from the rocks and dirt that was dumped inside of them. They are attached together by a length of rope.   A pulley system is set up upon the tracks that holds the cable attached to the mine carts. The tracks do continue on into the mine after that. So it appears that they transferred the contents from carts in the mine to the two outside before sending them down.   It is noted that someone needs to be here to lower the carts down the mountainside and that the brake levers inside the carts are currently set all the way down. Barimor, releases the brake lever in both carts.   Norrila, give an order to her dog Char to Alarm them when anything approaches from behind and the party enters the mine with the magical hooded lantern given to them by Ingeld the cleric.   They find that the walls glitter with silver dust, from the shine of the light and proceed down the passage, reaching a fork in the road where they turn left and come to a dead end and turn back and go down the right passage, which comes to an open shaft in the floor with another winch mechanism here, with a pulley system lowering a cable rope down into the shaft.   Borimor cranks up the elevator car in the shaft, which creaks and groans on the way up, and they cross over it to the other side to continue down the passage which continues to have a mine cart track down it’s center.   They spot 4 holes big enough for Norrila’s 3 dogs to go through, two each on either side of the passage. Borimor rolls a wisdom check rolling a 4 and needing ≤ 12, which is successful. He determines that the holes are not man-made but done by creatures. They come to another fork and decide to go left.   When they get to about halfway down Char the dog alarms the party that something is approaching from behind.   Off in the distance you see several sets of glowing red eyes reflecting back your torchlight. Suddenly a cacophony of squeals split the air as a pack of boar sized rats’ charges into the light with ravenous hunger in their eyes. Initiative Rolls are made and Combat Round #01 Begins!   Char the dog, bites Gob Rat #04 for 7 damage, defeating the rat!   Gob Rat #02, bites Alfa the dog for 8 damage!   Levin, throws a dart that hits Gob Rat #04 for 1 damage!   Fuci, strikes Gob Rat #04 with the specialized broad sword for 9 damage, defeating it!   Gob Rat #01, bites Alfa the dog for 8 damage, the dog goes down at 0 hit points!   Norrila, missed Gob Rat #01 with the long sword.   Dix hits Gob Rat #03 for 6 damage with an arrow from the short bow, at point blank range 6-30 ft, defeating it!   Beta the dog, missed trying to bit Gob Rat #01!   Gob Rat #05, bites Heward the henchman for 5 damage!   Puto, fires an arrow with the long bow hitting Gob Rat #01 for 4 damage, defeating the rat!   Hobb the henchman, swings and missed Gob Rat #05 with the short sword!   Heward the henchman, strikes Gob Rat #05 for 3 damage with the short sword!   Borimor, fumbles with his battle axe rolling a critical 1, the fumble result is that he accidently trips and falls stunned for 6 combat rounds! After rolling a critical roll of 20 failing his dexterity save!   2 nd Attacks for Round #01:   Fuci, strikes Gob Rat #05 for 8 damage with the specialized broad sword, defeating the rat!   End of Combat!   Norilla, applies the first aid paste to Alfa the dog, stabilizing it with 2 hit points restored.     Adventure Time is now May 11 th at 3:30 pm.   And this ends the gaming session for the day, until next time!   The Adventurers Earned: Gob Rats (5): 125 * 5 = 625 XP   Unseelie Sprites (6): 450  * 6 = 2,700 XP ------- Grand Total: 3,325 XP   Everyone is at 3,325 / 6 = 554.16 XP    Loot Found: None   Number of Sessions for current Adventure Module: 7th  Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 06/07/2020 [1st Session start was 04/26/2020]