Game Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Looking for one or two more (present group is four) players who are&nbsp; mature and RELIABLE . The game is modified version of 5E. It uses many elements of earlier D&amp;D versions where the players are not like characters in a video game and so overpowered that Death is nearly impossible. The rules used here make for a quick flowing exciting game where your turn comes around much quicker than in other versions because the game is streamlined. A Good Description of Your Action is Better than a Good Dice Roll. Here Role Play Replaces Roll Play. Characters are actually vulnerable, Death is actually a Possibility, and totally unrealistic rules to Generate better numbers are tossed aside. Join us if you Dare, but only if you can handle stepping away from the Numbers Game and Get Into the Role Play my character Game. This will NOT appeal to the video game generation, it's more likely to appeal to those who Played D&amp;D many years ago, although New Players who love a challenge will embrace it. To save some time for those who are thinking about it, &nbsp;I will mention that Character Ability Scores are Rolled In Order &nbsp;so there will be a certain amount of Randomness to Character Creation. I Do Present a Game that is Paid Quality but as Always, is FREE! Those interested can post Something Here with their Age and any D&amp;D experience they've had. Don't need any character information as you won't get to make any life decisions until you are born (the Randomness of the Gene Pool, you don't get to pick your parents). Thank you. -Ajax