A few FAQs about Character Sheets: I have a problem/question/suggestion about a sheet. What do I do? The sheets on Roll20 are all community-contributed, meaning they are created and maintained by users just like you! Posting in this forum (be sure to indicate the game name in your title for ease of finding relevant threads) is the best way to ask your question or report an issue. However, please note that since this is a volunteer effort, it may take a day or two for the sheet author to get back to you. I know HTML/CSS and want to get involved by creating a new sheet or helping to maintain an existing one. How do I do that? All of the sheets on Roll20 are open-source, so you can just jump right in! The source code is located here: https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-character-sheets Note that some familiarity with git/Github is required as you'll need to use the pull requests system to submit your new sheet/changes to existing sheets. I want to customize a sheet for my own use (e.g. homebrew rules, etc.) How do I do that? That's a feature for our Mentor subscribers, allowing them to customize an existing sheet or create a totally new one from scratch for any game. More information on this is available on the wiki under the Advanced Usage section: https://wiki.roll20.net/Character_Sheets