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Aura/Tint Name Plate issue

So I am working with another DM who has an issue on his games but I can't reproduce it on mine. His token nameplates reset. If he manually changes one to visible or not, it auo-resets immediately to whatever the AuraTint setting is. This is not the case on my games and we can't figure out what the difference is. Any Help??
Sheet Author
There are 3 options, Yes/No/Off. If a setting like "PC sees NPC names" is set to yes, then the script will always set that nameplate to visible to players, even if you change it, it will set it back to yes every time. No works the same way but opposite, it will hide the nameplate. Off is what it sounds like, the script no longer chooses an option and lets you set it manually. It sounds like he needs to change his setting to Off, so that it stops overriding.
Oh that is it. I didn't realize there was an off. That has to be it. Thanks!