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[D&D 5e]Homebrew Compendiums

I'm currently running a campaign with a few homebrewed races, arquetypes and spells. I would REALLY like it to be able to automate them all in a compendium and just let my players use the drag and drop feature instead of having them look up at the pdf I wrote and manually create everything. Is there any way to allow a user to create personal compendiums? ( I know about the whole fear that people could just make entire source books by hand to avoid actually buying this stuff, but lets be honest, someone would need an outrageous amount of free time to do so, a very small percentage of people would even attempt. I mean, Beyond let's you customize homebrew content and share with your own players, it can't be that hard )
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Lucas M. said: Beyond let's you customize homebrew content and share with your own players, it can't be that hard As long as you ignore that they are totally different systems with different structural code with different requirements for how data is entered, sure.  There is a thread on the suggestion forums for this sort of functionality.  I think it was somewhere in that thread where they said the data input method for compendiums is too complex (or was at the time) to expect users to be able to reliably use it, so they weren't going to allow access until they figured out a way to make compendium building easier.  Basically, they have to rebuild their compendium structure without breaking all the scripts that make drag/drop work on all the character sheets that can interact with a compendium. Personally, I would be fine with a custom compendium that isn't drag/drop compatible.  Copy/paste isn't that tough, and it would probably be more portable from game to game than a bunch of handouts which is my current solution.
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You could save your homebrew race as a character sheet (with traits filled in) and duplicate it when someone wants to roll one. Homebrew spells can be saved on a character sheet (give all players access) so they can copy the spells as they need. These are clunky workarounds, but a working drag & drop custom compendium is an extraordinary amount of work, I'd recommend reading through the Roll20 responses in the suggestions thread to give you an idea of how difficult it is.
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There are also things you can do to automate data entry using the API, but that requires a Pro subscription. I suppose that if Custom Compendiums were a thing, they would likely also be a Pro perk. Here are some examples: 5e Class Feature writer  - Shaped Sheet OGL Sheet Inventory Writer