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Are there Other Options for 4E Character Sheets?


Edited 1401391852
The new 4E sheet looks pretty cool to me; my players were asking if there were other options to choose from, however. Given that there was a contest, are there other entries out there somewhere that could be used somehow (I guess as custom sheets?)? Any other 4E templates? Thanks!
You can look at the gisthub for sheets here . I only see one 4e sheet though. You can copy&paste the html data from any sheet there into a custome sheet and make any modifications you want. If you know the basic of HTML and with some help from the wiki on character sheets, you can do what I am doing and make your own to suit your own needs. Sam M. made a really nice pathfinder sheet, but the autocalcs don't work in the API (they function in macros the best) so I am making my own.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
The contest was between systems, not between sheets for the same system. There is only one sheet per system on the repository. As a Mentor, you can grab code from the repo and change it to suit your needs (as Michael suggests), but beyond that, there aren't "other options" to choose from within a given game.
Thank you for the responses! Very helpful.