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Labels for Token Auras

Score + 75

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This one is pretty simple. Ever see a token with two auras you don't immediately understand, and wonder how they affect you? With this concept, look no farther than the edge of the aura, as Aura Labels will allow you to place text along the edge of your aura to inform everybody what it means.    Text aligned to the edge of the aura would be semi-transparent, so as to prevent the text from being too distracting. Text on a square aura would align to the top (oversized labels not recommended). I am not proficient in coding, these images are purely concept art of my idea. An API may be able to do this, but would be nice to be able to do it without one.
Great idea, great QoL enhancement. +1
I like it!
I think this is a great idea, would definitely be helpful to anyone who wants it (and help stop so many times players have to ask a question about it!).  It would also be a great tool for DMs so they can help place auras on tokens that are area effects on a map so players understand it and keep things running more quickly and smoothly.  Great idea! +1
It would clear up a significant amount of confusion for players who have multiple glowey effects active at the same time (often Paladins, but sometimes others). It would help a ton!
Great idea!!  +1
Fantastic Idea! +1
Love it +1
Having recently had this kind of idea pop up in a game, this is a great idea.
This is a great idea for people with various forms of color blindness. And if the text is an accessible object that means screen readers can read it too, which improves accessibility.