Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes: We have clarified the “Delete My Account” button in account management to now say “Deactivate My Account” For information on account deletions, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy The Become a Creator page has been updated. New Tabletop Audio tracks have been added Battle of the Amazons Shadowfell Sun Dappled Trail Druid Hilltop Haven Heart: Drowned Heart: Hallow Heart: Briar Heart: Temple of the Moon Beneath Heart: Meat Corridor Heart: Trapped in a Giant Machine Heart: Absolution Heart: The Red Market Heart: High Rise Heart: A Portal to Heaven Biodome Ghost Town Rat Battle Temple Garden Thieves' Guild Witch Mountain Burning Village Castle Kitchen Space Battle Waterkeep: Night In testing on the Dev Server: A change has been implemented to address vision bleed in Updated Dynamic Lighting. Pro users can provide feedback via the pro forums here. Character Sheets D&D 5e by Roll20: Roll templates now user translatable strings FATE by Roll20: Condensed option now available Consequences can now be toggled to conditions and vice versa The number and type of consequences is now selecable Skills/Approaches can now have rating from -2 to +8 Check it Out The next community roundtable is Thursday, June 18 at 5 PM PDT. The most recent community roundtable was Thursday, May 21. Catch the video  here ! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the Roll20 Help Center , or check out the  most recent note here .