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Weekly Gaming Summary #08 (06/14/20):

Thank You For Playing today's 1 st /2 nd Ed. AD&D game 06/14/2020 - From 8:10 pm EDT, until 11:00 pm EDT, and our 8th Ravenloft Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric / Fighter – Half Elf – Fuci Lumet - Zenny Cleric (of Lightning) – Hairfeet Halfling – Levin Quinley - Devin M. Fighter – Dwarf – Borimor Redbeard - Roxxifarius Ranger – Human – Dix Ashien - Christopher G. Thief – Human- Norrila Vita - Phoenix   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Cleric (of Lightning) – Hairfeet Halfling – Levin Quinley - Devin M. Ranger – High Elf – Puto Magee –  Buddy-D ???? - Jack J.   Game Summary for Sunday (06/14/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: May 11; 3:30 pm: The adventurers had made the trip up to the Candlestick Mountain Mine, trying to find clues to the where-abouts of Elgin the Wolf and a previous group that was looking to find him, based on what Hoc the trapper had told them. Once inside the mine, they had fought off boar-sized Gob Rats, while exploring a passage. After patching up Alfa the dog, they proceeded to go down the elevator shaft.   Bormior works the crank inside the elevator car, which creaks and groans on it’s way down the shaft. Borimor rolls on his dwarf ability to determine approximate depth underground, rolling a 78% and needing   ≤ 50%. So the best he can guesstimate is around 200 ft, thrown off by having to crank!   Norilla, hands Borimor 4 of the goodberries that Ingeld the priest of choosir had made for the party. The goodberries will restore 1 hit point and provide enough nourishment for 1 full day.   The passage at the bottom goes west or east from the elevator car and the party heads west until they reach a fork , and take the left passage, boar-sized holes are spotted in the walls again and  again when they are about half way down the dog Char barks to alert the party that something approaches from the rear, as commanded to do.   More hungry Gob Rats emerge to attack the party so initiative rolls are made and Combat Round #01 Begins!   Beta the dog, moves in for combat.   Gob Rat #04, moves up to bite Beta for 2 piercing damage!   Norilla, moves up and swings her long sword at Gob Rat #04, but missed!   Heward, swings his broad sword (specialized) at Gob Rat #04, hitting for 7 damage and defeating it!   Gob Rat #01, bites Heward for 3 damage, he is down to 2 hit points!   Gob Rat #05, missed trying to bite Norrila!   Gob Rat #03, missed trying to bite Hobb!   Hobb, swings his broad sword (specialized), hitting Gob Rat #03 for 8 damage, defeating it!   Puto, swings his short sword, missing Gob Rat #02!   Borimor, takes a wide swing at Gob Rat #02, but missed!   Alfa the dog, stays back from the fight.   Fuci, swings his broad sword (specialized), at Gob Rat #05 but missed!   Gob Rat #02, tries to claw at Borimor but missed!   Char the dog, moves up and bites Gob Rat #01 for 8 damage, defeating it!   Levin, tries to jab Gob Rat #02 with the spear but missed!   Dix, fires an arrow from the long bow, but missed!   2 nd Attacks for Round #01:   Gob Rat #05, missed trying to Claw Norrila!   Fuci, swings his broad sword (specialized), missing Gob Rat #05!   Dix, fires an arrow but missed Gob Rat #05!     Round #02 of Combat!   Beta the dog, missed trying to bite Gob Rat #05!   Norrila, swing and hits Gob Rat #05 with the double specialized long sword for 5 damage, defeating it!   End of Combat!   The party retreats out of the current passage when they reach a dead end and go down the right passage at the fork. This leads into a small cavern area, with a clear spring at it’s west end, surrounded by mushrooms, stalactites and Stalagmites are also visible, as are the remains of gob rats.   But, what really catches everyone’s attention in the north part of the cave, is a fellow laying down in a bedroll with blankets over him, a short sword nearby. The fellow appears to be frightened.   Soven, is fearful that the adventurers are lycans and now huddles up under the blankets. The party clearly sees that the fellow looks just like the Elgin they are looking for!   Dix says, “You there - What are you afraid of?”   Soven says, “Go away! Don’t harm me! Are you Lycans?!, I thought they were afraid of silver!”   Fuci says, “"We're not "Lycans." In fact, i don't even know what those are.”   Levin says, “Manbeasts.” Soven says, "Were Creatures, humanoids infected by the bites of other lycans, they transform when the moon is full!" Fuci says, “Ah, I see.”   Borimor says, “Who are you? You look like Elgin.”   Soven says, “I am Soven.”   Fuci says, “…Are you sure your name is Soven?”   Soven says, “I am Soven!”, clutching his blankets.   Borimor says, “You look like Elgin, so ya need to come with us.”   Norrila says, “Well it looks like we’ve found our quarry.”   Soven babbles, “They’re dead all of them! And we’ll be dead too you’ll see!”   Levin, is thinking Soven is someone magically disguised as a scapegoat.   Fuci says, “Who’s dead?”   Soven looks confused and says, “Did someone die? Are you hiding too?”   Dix says, “Have you been to Alee-Onna’s? Do you know who she is?”    Fuci says, "You just said they were all dead?"   Levin says, “The gobs.”   Norilla whispers, “Makes little difference to me if we take him captive or merely drag his corpse back to town. Though I will say, it's likely safer to drag a corpse than a possible werewolf."   Soven says, “Alee-Onna?! Is she OK?!”   Borimor says, "Who ever you say ya are we have a bounty to collect on ya, so come along.”   Soven says, “Hell no, I’m not going anywhere!, We’ll be helpless once we leave the cave!”   Dix says, “"Do you know any reason Alee-Onna WOULDN'T be ok?"   Borimor says, “Alee Onna is deader then them damn rats had her throat cut out many say ya did it, dead or alive your comin ta town.”   Levin says, "Livesaloneisastart."   Soven says, “If the lycans find out where she lives, she will be in grave danger!”   Norrila says, “Lycans? How many are there?”   Soven says, “She is dead?! Sobs, “The coins, the coins, where are the coins! How long has it been?!”
Dix says, “YOU took the coins. Or so we are told.”   Norrila says, “Two weeks before, I believe.”   Soven says, “There are many lycans, I don’t know the exact number! No, It is much too late to save her now!”, Sobs.   Borimor tries to grab Elgin. A wrestling/grapple check is done and Borimor is successful with a grab and throw to the ground dealing 1 hit point of subdual damage.   Dix says, “Have you ALWAYS been Soven?”   Soven  says groggly from being slammed to the floor, “For as long as I remember, yes!”   Borimor tries to get a grip on Elgin/Soven and it was a fumbled move, he managed to bruise an arm in the process.   Levin says to Bormir, “You’ll regret that, if he transforms!”   Fuci, points his broad sword at Elgin and says, “Submit.”   Levin says, “What if the Gob Rats are ratweres?”   Elgin/Soven backs away against the cave wall with hands in the air.   Fuci says, “No one gets hurt if you come along with us. If you’re not who we need, you’ll be fine.”   Borimor gets Elgin/Soven into an arm twist at this point since he’s not even resisting.   Dix says, “I’d Do what he says. That dwarf doesn’t play around!”   Norrila orders Beta the dog to retrieve Elgin/Soven’s short sword, says, “Anyone have rope?”   Turns out no one has rope to tie Elgin/Soven up with.   Borimor says, “Get up and come with us.”   The party head back up and out of the mine, emerging from it while it’s still daylight out.   Dix says, "Is there any value to taking him by Alee-Onna's?"   Norrila says, "I doubt so. Just head straight back to town."   Suddenly from behind the party, a howl is heard, followed by others off in the distance, off in the surrounding woods of the mountain slopes! They turn to see that a lone werewolf is above the mine entrance! Elgin/Soven drops to his knees in a fit of laughter!   Borimor says, “He who laughs last, laughs best off with his head!”   Fuci says, “Why are you laughing?! We need to run!”   Dix says, “I suspect the best action here is to RUN! Drag Elgin if we have to.”   It’s suggested to just chop off Elgin’s head and book it!   Elgin just curls up and continues to laugh out loud!   Dix, grabs Elgin’s other arm and speeds him along.   Elgin, tries to resist and actually run back into the mine!   Norrila says, “Just kill him and run!”   Borimor says, “Not without the Bounty I’m not. He needs to pay.”   Norilla says, “Take his head or a hand, anything works.”   Both Dix and Borimor try to restrain Elgin/Soven in a headlock and Borimor was the successful one, doing 1 hit point of subdual damage. Elgin/Soven exclaims, “Cut the cables fools! Get in the mine carts!”   The werewolf leaps to the front of the mine entrance now. Levin says, “It’s his twin brother!”   Dix assists Borimor in moving Soven into a cart.   Initiative Rolls are made and Combat Round #01 begins!   Puto, swings his short sword at the Loup-Garou (lowland Lycanthrope) but missed!   Char the dog is ordered to get into a mine cart!   Dix says, “Can the dogs not stall the beast?! Canine versus canine?”   Norrila says, “I’d imagine they’d turn tail and run, but I can try.”   Levin, heads to a cart!   Beta the dog, bites Elgin the wolf for 7 piercing damage!   Elgin, tries to punch Beta but missed!   Alfa the dog, tries to bite Elgin the wolf but missed!   Fuci runs over to the mine cart cable and takes a whack at it, trying to slice through it!   Loup-Garou bites Puto for 4 damage, victim has a percentage chance to contract Lycanthropy equal to the amount of damage taken after end of combat!   Norrila, strikes with her long sword (double specialized), at Elgin the wolf, slashing for 5 damage!   Heward moves to help Fuci, sever the cable, delivering a second chop where Fuci cut!   Borimor, moves to cut the cable between both carts, taking his first whack at it!
Dix, hammers Elgin the wolf with an uppercut! For 2 subdual damage (4 total so far), KO percentage rolled was 89% and needed less than or equal to 15%.   Hobb, just tries to back away from the Loup-Garou!   2 nd Attacks for Round #01! Fuci is able to take another swing at the cable, severing it a bit more! (Broad sword specialization).   Norrila, strikes Elgin with the long sword (double specialized), hitting for 11 slashing damage, dropping him to -7 hit points!     Round #02 of Combat! Dix says, “Sic the dogs on the wolf!! We need to MOVE!”   Puto, attempts to retreat while parrying the Loup-Garou’s attack, reducing his Armor Class by one-half his level (7) + 1. So it is now AC 0 from leather armor’s AC 8 + Dexterity bonus (-4) = AC 4 + Parry Attempt bonus AC of 3+1 = AC 0.   The Loup-Garou hits an Armor class of -1 so he bites Puto for 4 damage!   Char the dog, bites the Loup-Garou but it doesn’t hurt him!   Levin, praying to Yondalla and laying a hand upon Heward cast a Cure Light Wounds spell, healing back 4 hit points!   Beta the dog, moves to a mine cart, while Alf the dog stays in a cart!   Fuci, takes another chop at the cable, cutting it all the way through now, the carts are free of the pulley system!   Loup-Garou, claws Char the dog for 1 damage!   Norrila rolls a wisdom check to see if she can stabilize Elgin and does so, rolling an 8 needing ≤ 13!   Heward takes a chop at the rope between both carts (2 nd cut)!   Borimor, severs the cable between the two carts (3 rd cut), now and will begin to push the first one!   Fuci says, “Don’t leave without us Borimor! We need half in each cart, not just you!”   Borimor says, “Get in the cart then!”   Dix, drags Elgin over to the mine cart!   Hobb, gets into the first mine cart!   2 nd Attacks for Round #02:   Loup-Garou, claws Char the dog for 4 damage!     Round #03 of Combat!   Since the werewolf is concentrating on the dog Char, Puto quickly runs over to a mine cart and gets inside!   Char the dog, missed biting the Loup-Garou (Lowland Werewolf)!   Beta the dog, gets into a mine cart!   Fuci, helps get Elgin into the mine cart!   Loup-Garou, claws Char the dog for 2 damage!   Norrila, is already in a cart.   Heward, beings to push the 2 nd cart now to get it over the ledge and rolling!   Borimor’s shove gets the front cart starting to roll down the mountainside now!   Dix, hops into the cart behind Elgin, which now also begins to go down the mountain from Hobbs push, (He will jump in as well)!   2 nd Attacks for Round #03!   Loup-Garou,  claws Char for 3 damage!       Adventure Time is now May 11 th at 3:30pm.   And this ends the gaming session for the day, until next time!   The Adventurers Earned: Gob Rats (5): 125 * 5 = 625 XP ------- Grand Total: 3,325 + 625 = 3,950 XP   Everyone is at 3,950 / 6 = 658.33 XP    Loot Found: None   Number of Sessions for current Adventure Module: 8th  Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 06/14/2020 [1st Session start was 04/26/2020]