Thank You For Playing today's 1 st /2 nd Ed. AD&D game 06/21/2020 - From 8:10 pm EDT, until 10:00 pm EDT, and our 9 th and Final Ravenloft Play Test Gaming Session, goes out to:   Cleric (of Lightning) – Hairfeet Halfling – Levin Quinley - Devin M. Fighter – Dwarf – Borimor Redbeard - Roxxifarius Ranger – High Elf – Puto Magee –  Buddy-D Ranger – Human – Dix Ashien - Christopher G. Thief – Human- Norrila Vita - Phoenix   Whom Could Not Make It Today!   Cleric / Fighter – Half Elf – Fuci Lumet - Zenny ???? - Jack J.   Game Summary for Sunday (06/21/2020):   Opening Scene: Day 1: May 11; 4:30 pm:   The party had pushed the two mining carts over the ledge, now that they have been cut from the cable securing them and proceed to race down the Candlestick mountainside, to escape the loup-garou (werewolf).   The basic rules for when in the mine cart were:   You start with 2 segments ahead on the werewolf going at a speed ranking of 2 segments which goes up to 6 the werewolf moves at a speed ranking of 3 segments. When you come to a blue or green map segment where there are curves to navigate, you will add; Blue (+2) or Green (+3) to the dexterity check that you make. It also depends on the speed of the cart where you can have up to +4 more taken off at a speed ranking of 6, on the Dexterity roll. What you can do while in the carts: 1) fire a ranged weapon at another +2 added to the dexterity roll 2) lean into a curve 3) One person in the front operates the break lever at; Full open (accelerate), Half Closed (maintain speed), Closed (brake). If more than half the people in the cart fails the Dexterity check the cart jumps the track and everyone takes 1d8-3 damage, so it’s possible not to take any damage. It will take 1 round with at least 4 people to place the cart on the tracks with each one making a strength check. If anyone fails the strength check you need to try again the next round to get it on the track again. Starting in the first mountainside map segment 3 party members in Cart #01 and 2 in Cart #02 make their dexterity check rolls, both carts stay on the tracks as the drivers keep both brake levers in full open to accelerate.   Now going at a speed of 3, into the next blue segment there is a curve so +2 is added along with a +1 for the open curve to the dexterity check.   During this segment Cart #03 makes 3 succesful Dexterity checks while cart #02 make 2 successful ones. Again the carts stay on the track and accelerate to a speed ranking of 4.   Back, in a regular track segment now,  Hobb in Cart #01 and Norilla in Cart #02, tries to move the break lever to half closed to maintain a speed of 4 here. Hobb and Norrila, makes successful Dexterity checks with +2 to the roll for going at speed 4 and +2 for a blue curve section of track.   Both carts stay on the track as 2 of 4 people in each cart make successful rolls, (did not count the 3 dog or the injured elgin).   Going into the next regular segment at a maintained speed of 4, both carts make the dexterity check with +2 added to the roll. Two successes in both carts, so each cart still stay on the tracks.   Going into the next regular segment now, when 3 people in the first cart fails, sending them flying off the track! Hobb, Levin and Puto take 4 damage, no damage for Borimor and Char the dog.   Three failed dexterity checks in the 2 nd cart sends it off the tracks as well! Norilla, Alfa the dog, Heward, and Dix take 3 damage, Elgin took 1 damage, no damage for Beta the dog and Fuci.   All four players in the first cart make their strength check to get the cart back on the track and are successful at doing so!   For the 2 nd cart Fuci failed his strength check so they need to try again another round to get it back on and this time all are successful so it’s back on the track but now the werewolf is one map segment behind them!   Both carts starting at a speed of 2 in a regular track map segment here now.   With only one successful dexterity check the cart flies off the track again!  Hobb and Char take 5 damage, Puto takes 3 damage and no damage for Borimor and Levin.   The 2 nd cart stays on the track as 3 make successful dexterity checks!   Levin, praying to Yondalla, casts a cure light wounds spell upon Puto twice to heal him back 2 and 8 hit points.   Entering the third regular track segment we get 3 fails on the dexterity check sending the cart off the track! Heward took 5 damage, Elgin took 3 (-11 Hit points so he’s dead now), Dix took 2 damage, no damage for Fuci and Beta the dog.   As the cart behind them was trying to set the cart back on the tracks the werewolf catches up to the and howls  to others in his pack!   More Mountain and Lowland Werewolfs appear to surround the adventures from both carts now!   Borimor says, “Damn dogs want something.”   Dix says, “Elgin? Do they still want him if he’s dead?”   Loup-Garou (lowland) says, “Fools! You are not going anywhere, you all are coming with us, surrender or else!”   One of the Loup-Garou (mountain) goes over to Elgin and checks him over then says, “Good! Elgin is dead!”   Borimor says, “Guess we give up.”   Dix looks at all the other adventurers and shrugs his shoulders.   Loup-Garou (mountain) says, “Do as said or meet the same fate as Elgin!”   Borimor sets his axe on the ground.   The whole party surrenders now and the werewolves collect their weapons, leading them away into the woods and to their campsite.   To Be Continued in “Ravenloft: Clan of the Black Wolf”!     Adventure Time is now May 11 th at 4:30 pm.   And this ends the gaming session for the day, until next time!   The Adventurers Earned:   Everyone is at 3,950 / 6 = 658.33 XP    Loot Found: None   Number of Sessions for current Adventure Module: 9 th and Final  Session for “Ravenloft: Prey of the Black Wolf” Play Test 06/21/2020 [1st Session start was 04/26/2020]