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Any Interest in a 5E Game Played During the Day (Noon until 2:30 to 3:00 CDT) on Thursdays

I am looking to add a 5E game during the day, it will be played on Thursdays at 12:00 Noon CDT. Player Handbook only and a few House Rules to Make the Game a bit Grittier. Looking for 4 players who can COMMIT to being there each week, who enjoy solid Role Playing, and can handle Character Death if it happens. The DM has 45 Years of constant DMing and wants players who can contribute to the narrative, the world will evolve through DM and Player decisions made during play. You will experience a PAID QUALITY Game that is FREE! Anyone Interested should post here if serious about playing. If you need to ask about the House Rules then this won't be a good game for you, they are not game changing rules, but tend to push a bit more realism.
I'm interested; all about that realism. Can we multiclass?
I'm interested, but this would be my first game joined on roll 20. Ive been playing dnd 5e now for three years, so i wouldn't be totally inexperienced. 
Last Chance....