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GM ability to recall specific cards in Players' hands

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I use custom decks for Chronicles of Darkness Conditions and Tilts. As a player receives one in gameplay, I deal the specific card to their hand. CofD conditions can remain for long periods, or be almost instantly resolved. Currently, I only have the option, as the GM, to "Steal Card", which requires the Player to approve, or prompt the Player to discard it to the table. Both of these interrupt gameplay and narrative focus. As the GM I should have the ability to recall specific cards to the deck, even if they are in a player's hand.
The card functionality is really quite "uneven", isn't it? Like, you can usually do the things you need to, but it's unnecessarily complicated and non-intuitive.
A full over haul would be nice. There are a growing number of games that use cards.
This is something I could certainly find useful for games such as Invisible Sun or the Cypher System games as well. 

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There are api commands that can do this...I have a little api script the you can give or take cards by card name to a specific player(owner of a token). I split to functions up into two scripts so you need both scripts.... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have not created a readme yet but I will soon. You enter the following command "!cards give &lt;card name&gt;" or "!cards take &lt;card name&gt;" with the players token selected. The player has to own the token for it to work If you have any questions let me know
Unfortunately, the games where I would use this, don't use tokens. I think that's my biggest issue with Roll20. Nearly everything is focused on D&amp;D another games, that anything else is forgotten. There's a minority of GMs and Players who get sidelined in asking for features, because we don't have the massive numbers other game systems do.
With a little tweak it could use player name. I set it up to use tokens and find the player name...give me a few days and I will add "by name" feature
That would be helpful. Thank you.
Another issue I've noticed with the current mechanic, there are times when I attempt to steal a card from a player, the player receives the notification, but there is no way for them to accept. We've tested it when this happens by changing the size of the window to smaller and larger, and it simply isn' there.
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I support this, but, there are some Card Deck Overhaul suggestion threads. This could be worth posting as a Comment on existing Card related suggestions that have more votes &amp; list numerous improvements that fall in line with this.
I've commented on those before and voted for them. Unfortunately, Roll20 doesn't seem to have a desire to combine topics. There should be a suggestion for that.