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Starfinder sheet support?

It's been quite a while since there has been any support for the official Starfinder sheet, and the charactermancer has been in apparent limbo for many months. Meanwhile, Starfinder content is being added to the Marketplace despite the lack of development on the sheet. I know the Roll20 dev team is super busy with multiple projects - not to mention the wrench that Covid-19 has thrown into everything - but us Starfinder players are curious if there are plans for continued support for the Starfinder sheet, or if it's completely fallen by the wayside. Thanks in advance for any info.
I will be interested to see answers here as well.
I would like to hear from the Dev's too even if only to say it's still being worked on (or not).
Yeah what's been goin' on? We got some glaring issues that need to resolved, one of them only a missing graphic or two.
Yes please, any answer would be excellent.  I also bought the whole corebook for the charactermancer.  
Literally just bought the core rulebook for the charactermancer.....I'm beyond irritated there is zero support to help build characters. 
I'm also interested in the Charactermancer. I run Starfinder on here, and I have the compendium. I'd like to buy the other Starfinder content from the marketplace, but I want to know that the products are actively supported after release by the Roll20 team before I make more purchases.
Man, I dunno why basic stuff like the Feats, Racial, Class and Theme bonuses aren't just a part of character creation automation. As it is, every single person making a character has to reinvent the wheel. Good luck adding any of the ridiculous bonuses that a level 1 Operative gets. Is this character sheet open to the community for development?
The Starfinder sheet needs to be taken down and completely redone imho. I also bought the Starfinder core rulebook with hope for Charactermancer support. The sheet lags out my PC anytime I try to use it, drag and drop support is non-existent...its really bad. I really hope they will start work on the project again. :(