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All maps gone

I am a bit confused. All my maps I had in my campaign have disappeared and won’t load. On the gm bar it shows that there is a page for it, and a broken image icon is in place of my maps. I have switched between multiple computers and it is the same on all of them. Any help would be appreciated. 
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Have you deleted any images from the "Recent Uploads" section of your art library? If so, those are the originals. Any copies you place are just pointers to those and will disappear if you delete the originals.
No, have not deleted any of the maps. I’ll try to upload them again to see if that works. To make it even more odd. One player could still see the maps.
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Did you import them from the net?
This happened to me too just now, and all my uploaded token art won't load or be on maps when I drag from the art library.
all my uploaded files from the past few days just don't exist now!
I've also been losing tokens and maps. Those are maps and tokens I have personally made, and uploaded to roll20. That's been randomly happening for a maybe year. Usually less used ones. Not huge issue for me, as I originals stored in my computer, but still annoying, as it causes pauses to our games,and slowes down the prepping. Sorry I cannot give more details.
Happened to me a lot over the years. Recently lost 2 maps and several tokens and card images. It is really frustrating.
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That's weird. You are not deleting any assets from your recent uploads? I've never lost an image out of the blue like that.