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[D&D 5e] Charactermancer - Hit Points value bug


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Hello, I would like to submit report for the following bug: To start with, the Constitution is 15 on level 1 &amp; 16 at level 4, so a CON bonus of 3 is what we're talking about. We're speaking of level 5, to be exact. The character is an Orc without any feats. The level-up hit dies are calculated via the Average Value method. When you have had a leveled Barbarian (I went with Path of Berserker spec) character in-game (d12 hit dies), then proceed to delete the character, and then create a Fighter (d10 hit dies, I went with Samurai spec) with the exact same name and level it to 5 it keeps the HP values of a Barbarian. So what we're speaking about is that the Fighter, instead of having 49 HP, has Barbarian's HP of 55. The below is a comparison of the very same character - the one on the left side is an entirely new name, the one on the right side has the name of a previously named Barbarian which was deleted from game. The page was not refreshed or the game was not re-logged. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Interesting. I didn't encounter this behaviour when doing a barbarian name Bob to lvl.4 first, and then a fighter to lvl.4 directly after having deleted the barbarian. The fighter had the expected lower HP with the average HD value, and same 15 Con -&gt; 16 Con. But I also didn't use the same fighter or barbarian subclasses, nor the same race, which might make a difference. Possibly a bug that appears under very specific circumstances, as you described. The character is an Orc without any feats. Which Orc did you use? VG1, EGTW, or&nbsp; Eberron (ERLW)? What was the name you had for the character? Was it something generic that could be identical to an NPC from the compendium? Did you fill out all "required" stats like backgrounds on the charactermancer? I skipped everything that didn't seem relevant to Attributes, so only choice race &amp; class (without the further details), and allocated stat array, but did the same thing on both times so figured it wouldn't make a difference.

Edited 1593437124
It was VG1 Orc. The name was "Ahjer Stormcaller" for both of them. I did fill up everything. The stats were 15 str, 10 dex, 14 con, 12 int, 11 wis, 10 cha. Level 4 raise was +1 str and +1 con. The background was Outlander (Tribal Marauder). I must note that at some of the tries when I was multiply replicating it, Outlander had no dropdown list for the named sub-backgrounds and was just "(blank)" and "Custom". Just now after I freshly launched the game &amp; tried to replicate the character all the way to level 5, the HP value seems to be correct now. Either game exit &amp; rejoin fixed it, or clearing of browser cache (I did not touch the cookies). However one bug appeared that wasn't there before. On Samurai's Bonus Language choice I picked Goblin and in skills there were only "Common" and "Orcish" languages. I saw this behaviour occur once or twice when dropping an NPC from compendium onto an existing, blank sheet when one trait was just missing (it was either Knight, Mage or Master Thief, can't recall now). P.S. I am using "uBlock Origin" extension on latest stable release of (Chromium) Microsoft Edge. Edit: I've disabled uBlock Origin for the whole, flushed browser, restarted it, went into Roll20, re-created the character as Samurai, and carefully watched what happens at level 3 once I pick "Goblin" as "Bonus Language" - it still didn't make it through. Edit2: "Bonus Skill" (tried Insight) also doesn't apply. There's something up with the Samurai perk choice at level 3. Come to think of it, I recall Ranger being borky sometime ago as well at lower levels. Blank spaces were added as skills or something. The Ranger's another story though, that one was a Wood Elf.