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Encounter on a staircase, looking into graphics for stairs

Forum Champion
Hello Roll20 gamers. In a home-made adventure, the Characters are in a Tower. Some of the encounters occur on the stairways between levels, and I need a battle map for the stairs.  ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ Looking for large, spacious stair assets from Roll20 Marketplace. Which packs / artists have the best? Top-Down view, Isometric stairways(!!), or other 3D perspectives are equally welcome. Top-down map style is probably NOT the best for my request today. Would prefer the visual geometry implies height, elevation, descending. A wide staircase (somewhat wide, not 1 person width but enough for 2 tokens side-by-side on each stair). Spiral stairs in a circle (like a tower's), or a square (like an Apartment building), or if necessary a straight set of stairs, that I can use multiple times as sections AKA flights of stairs, leading to small landings. Thanks in advance for suggestions, techniques, links, screenshots, or examples from your gaming on the stairs.
Sheet Author
I don't have any experience with the isometric assets.&nbsp; One of the top down sets I own might have some assets you could use.&nbsp; They are in alphabetical order, so if you scroll down until you hit "SDTF Ramp", you can see what it has for your situation.&nbsp; There are straight, switchback, long curve, and spiral stairs and ramps (the wooden ramps look sort of like stairs to me with the grain going across the incline).&nbsp; There are also some floor sections you could use for landings.&nbsp; I expect most of them are the width for 1 cell, but they are good enough quality in my experience to scale up and still look nice.&nbsp; This is from Pickard's Slap Down Town Fortifications. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
Hey Gold! I made a Tower Set a few months ago that might have what you are looking for. It has 24 Decorated Maps and 28 Blank maps that have a spiral staircase connecting each floor. The Spiral Staircase is 2 grid units wide (10feet) and there is an overlay piece that can snap into place on any staircase to block moving on to another floor, as doorway entrances that snap into place for your entrance (or other needs like a sky-walk bridge of sorts) Let me know if this helps!
Plexsoup and GalefireRPG have some good looking stairways. Not top-down, but actual isometric Gold asked.
Make sure to have them turning the right way. Stairs in old towers were built to turn right on the way up. This gave the defenders (upstairs) an advantage&nbsp; because they could use the right hands to attack around the corner. The attackers had to use their left hands to do the same.&nbsp;
Forum Champion
Status update: This is still happening. It's a weekly campaign on Roll20. There are quite a lot of spiral staircases in it. I'll probably keep trying suggestions from this thread for a while. I will update again here if I settle on one best stairwell. I'll do GM-Prep on the weekend. @ John, I have 1 from Plexsoup that's isometric that I really like the looks except it's really like a 1-square wide, narrow, staircase of blocks. It's from the pyramid, Ancient Egypt inspired plex-iso set. I've tried enlarging it and it still looked like a narrow (but now with steps tall enough for Storm Giants). Trying to get that kind of 3d feeling, just wider steps. Thanks to the others who have replied also, so far, I read it all.