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[LFP] Veteran DM, new to Roll20. LF players to get the hang of the platform. Probably shorter term? Maybe longer. Weekdays PST

Hey folks Been playing for 30+ years, DM'ed many campaigns. I want to get a hang of this online platform and hoping to find some players willing to put up with some technical fumbling. Plus if at least one player is experienced in Roll20 and can mentor me. Newbies totally welcome. Inclusive/no hate speech. I'm thinking this will probably be more short-er term, probably a dungeon crawl, maybe go from level 1 - 10. Happy to start a little higher level if folks want to feel their POWER sooner. Bit of a rules purist. I do love role-play and happy to go with the flow if that's what peeps want, but prefer to keep it simple while I learn. 3-6 players. Weekly sessions, 2-3 hours, morning/late morning/early day depending, on M, Tu, W, or Thu. Fri a last resort option.  Comment or DM me. Happy gaming Yes, my hasted Sorcerer/Paladin DID advance 20 feet, twinned booming blade, quickened booming blade, hasted disengage, then withdraw 35 feet. Bring it.....

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Hey Samuel, thanks for the post! My brother and I are both interested in playing. We're in GMT+2/CET so that could work if you want to play in mornings in USA? As for days, Tue/Wed/Thurs is good, Wed would be ideal. We are both chilled adults looking for a fun inclusive game so it could be a good match. We're patient when it comes to learning roll20. I've got a little experience there as a player so can help, but I'm not experienced doing the DM stuff there. Happy to learn that with you as it's something I'd like to cover as well. Experience-wise I know the rules well. My brother knows the basics and is learning. As for playing by the rules we have no problem with that. I think we're both okay with house rules that make sense and are agreed on, however as a default sticking to the rules is great with me.
if you need help with technical stuff then i can help. i know many of the ins and outs of the system. im a programmer that has made many macros for different types of games. would be down to join a game while helping explain some stuff.
Hi Samuel, I am a fairly green player from Italy (played a campaign and a half in 3.5e, and only one session in 5e) looking for a relaxed group and for a nice DM. Do keep in mind that because of my inexperience I will most likely need to be taught rules and mechanics in some situations, but I'll do my best to make it so it doesn't slow down the game. If you think I'd fit your criteria, DM me in here or on discord at PigeonFrancesco#0247 and have a nice day!
Hi Pigeon, I'm happy to help you with 5e rules :)