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[Script] Hunters Mark


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API Scripter
This script lets a character mark a token&nbsp; with their own signature marker. You can mark only one token a time, and when you mark a new token, the old token is automatically unmarked. This script is not meant to replace TokenMod, or the various Status Marker scripts. But it fills a hole they dont occupy: when you need to remember &nbsp;which token you have previously marked, and unmark them when you mark a new target. In other words, abilities like Hunter's Mark. The script can show you a menu of options: You can also use text comments, like !hunters-mark help to activate commands. Here are the options. Hunter's Mark Instructions Use !hunters-mark followed by one of the commands below. show This shows the current list of hunters, and their marks. add To add a new hunter, select a token representing the character and apply the status marker you want to use as their mark. Then click Add. delete To remove a character from the list of hunters, select a token representing them and click Delete. help Show this description. menu Show a set of buttons to activate the script's features. mark a target To mark a target, use !hunters-mark [character id of hunter] [token id of target]. A good way to do this is !hunters-mark @{selected|character_id} @{target|token_id} The show command shows you what characters are stored, with their Marker, and the target they have currently marked, if any. It looks like this: You can find the script here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> To use it, first select a character you want to use as a hunter, and add the status marker they will use. Then click the add &nbsp;button. That will register that character, and you can now mark other tokens with that character.
David M.
API Scripter