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Journal Blue Dot Color Change

I'm the GM and I'd like to change the blue journal dot to a different color like black, red, or orange.  Is that possible?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
For you, yes, you can put in a CSS change in Stylus.  However, there isn't a way to explicitly set it on just one player or type.  For that, you'd need some browser Javascript in something like cjs that will find them and change the color based on the set color (which is the only way for the browser to know who's dot it is).

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As The Aaron pointed out, this will only change the colour on your own browser. But this should do it (via Stylus): div.playerdots span[style="color: #f42145"] { color:#12eece !important; } div.playerdots span[style="color: #3e88e7;"] { color:#1e8409 !important; } This will change the red dots (top one) and blue dots (bottom one) to a new color. There's no way to select by content with CSS it's just a style change on the existing dots. Probably not what you're looking for.