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[LFG]{Genesys][Terrinoth] Interest in a rotating GM "Cursed Crown" campaign.

A Cursed crown campaign is where all players in a group (preferably of 5-6) have a character and randomly take turns GMing each session. The general concept is that the party has been cursed by a McGuffin (usually a crown) that at random intervals attaches to one in the party and teleports them to a random dimension for an unknown amount of time, the party's main goal is to find all the scattered gems of the crown, or whatever McGuffin quest is required to break the curse, and each week a die is rolled at the end of the session to determine which player is teleported away, thus leaving them as the GM for the next session, so that each week one of the group's PC's is missing (and therefore their player is that week's GM. At the end of the session, one of the remaining players is randomly determined to be the following week's GM at which point their player is randomly given the crown and disappears for a time, and the previous week's GM's player returns from their dimension with some funny story as to what happened to them and they become a player again for this session.  For Example: A group of 4 players are in a cursed crown game, session one randomly determined that player 2 will be this week's GM, so player two's dwarf alchemist gets the crown stuck on his head and disappears into thin air. At the end of that session, a die is rolled to determine whether player 1,3, or 4 will be the next week's GM. It ends up being player 4 and their Elf Ranger gets the crown from the dwarf and then disappears. Player 2's Dwarf then returns completely covered in butter and doesn't want to talk about their past adventure and the 3 of them continue where player 2 left off GMing and player 4 GM's the next session and so on. Looking for a group of 5-6 players to play in a fantasy Genesys game using the Terrinoth setting. Checking if there is any interest?

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This sounds like a really cool idea I would love to join I'm adept to intermediate when it comes to playing DND I have done about 6 campaigns I never been the dm before so it would be fun to try will you be using voice chat or text to play and which plat form for example Discord or fantasy grounds or both 
Awesome, yeah this is a good way for new DMs to get into the hobby because they get a break regularly as well. Plus help with learning the rules. And yead ideally using voice on Discord, and either theatre of the mind or maps on roll 20. Probably Skyjedi's dice roller and initiative trackerI've found to be the best too.

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Ok sounds good I will have to learn how to use skyjedis dice roller and initiative tracker since it's my first time hearing of it. do you already have a discord server I can join . Also I will not be able to play till the 6th because I'm working 12 hours a day at a fire work stand till then . And I will have to get use till rule 20 since I have only ever played on fantasy grounds 
I'll set up a discord server now yeah. And we can use whatever software works best for the group, that is just what I have found to be the best for me at least.
Ok sounds good just post the link when the server is all set up