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[LFG][Free]Looking to be a player or run my own D&D5e Homebrew campaign [WE-Timezone]


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I'm Looking for a Group to play with, I've been struggling to be apart of a engaging D&D story. However I'm also working on a Homebrew campaign, Although I can run different stories based on pop-fiction franchises(my most sucessful game based on Dragonball). If you like to get in contact Hmu on Discord: ToraMinamoto00#2572 I am looking for players/groups on Western Europe Timezone.
I have also been looking for a group. I'm in Finland, so my time zone should be close enough. I am curious about your homebrew campaign. I have a homebrew character concept I'm interested in playing, subject to GM approval of course. Perhaps it could fit into your campaign? My Discord username is Rosletyne#5865.