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Missing map in purchased game.

Not sure if this is the correct place for this question, sorry if it isn't! I have recently purchased Tomb of the Kirin Born Prince. I couldn't originally find it, and the Support team quickly helped by telling me that it wasn't a game (so it wouldn't show up in the list!), but an add-on which they then explained how to access it :) Having got it loaded, I can't find the map that is supposed to be included. Got info and tokens etc. just no map :( Any hints tips or suggestions, as I may be looking in completely the wrong place :) Cheers! :)
The map should appear in the list of maps along the top of the roll20 window (not in the handout/art section).
Thanks, Farling, I looked there and, although there are TWO 'pages' marked as a map, when I select either of them, there is nothing on the tabletop :( What (if anything) am I doing wrong? Regards, David.
There does seem to be an issue with this module and the creator has notified Roll20 to fix it. See the thread here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>