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Is it possible to have a selected character cast a spell on a target character in the same macro? (Cure Wounds)

This has probably been asked before but I didn't pull it up in a search.  I have created the following macro from several sources: &{template:default} {{name=@{selected|token_name} casts Cure Wounds on}} {{?{Cast on|Leaf|Barzaphir|Bofri|Aias|Yoshi|Zindela}}} {{?{Level|  1st Level, **1st Level Cure Wounds Cast:** [[1d8+@{selected|wisdom_mod}]]| 2nd Level, **2nd Level Cure Wounds Cast:** [[2d8+@{selected|wisdom_mod}]]|3rd Level, **3rd Level Cure Wounds Used:** [[3d8+@{selected|wisdom_mod}]]|4th Level, **4th Level Cure Wounds Used:** [[4d8+@{selected|wisdom_mod}]] }  HP recovered}}  Is it possible to have the die roll added to a target character's token?  
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
Not without the API. There are APIs that would allow you to do that...I just don't know what they are...Power Cards, maybe?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
You can do it with TokenMod. (API)
Thanks! What command would you use with TokenMod?