FriendComputer This script requires Ultraviolet clearance. Mutants, terrorists, and unauthorized clones can report their treason at the nearest Clone Liquification Vat. I recently decided to run a game of Paranoia 2017 . Some of the mechanics, like the backstabbing group character creation, are hilarious but a little difficult to run digitally. I threw together this script to automate character creation and some other useful macros that are described below. Code You can grab the script here . It requires HtmlBuilder, which is available from the one-click dropdown. Please let me know if you run into any issues (or if it works perfectly, always happy to hear that too!). Character Creation After creating blank characters for each player and assigning them, you can run !computer config to bring up a chat menu where you can add/remove characters from the character creation process. In the above example, Moiple and Bubby are already setup, but the rest need to go through character creation. After configuring characters, you can run !computer to see a menu with the character creation steps as buttons you can press in order. The steps are: Define - The player will be prompted to enter three adjectives describing their character. Skills - The player will be asked to assign a +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 bonus to a skill . The character to their right will get a negative value in the same skill . The process then goes through each player multiple times until all bonuses are assigned. Stats - The player will be asked to assign stat values for the character to their right, based on that character's total skills . Optimize - The player has an opportunity to burn Moxie or spend clones to increase their skills or stats . ( Note: The character sheet does not support reducing your maximum Moxie . The script adds a custom moxie-maximum attribute that tracks this for you when you use the !computer die macro ). Redefine - The player looks at the character to their right's three personality traits and flips one to its antonym (eg: "Silly" -> "Serious"). Player Macros FriendComputer provides some useful macros to make the game run smoother. It should automatically add these macros for each player, but you can run !computer setMacros to manually add them if they are not showing up for you. !computer roll - The roll button built into the character sheet leaves much to be desired. The roll macro will prompt you for a skill , a stat , how much Moxie you want to burn, and any additional bonuses (from equipment, situational, etc.). It will calculate your NODE and roll that many d6s, plus the Computer dice. It factors in your character's wounds as a penalty. It automatically subtracts from your Moxie if you spend any, and announces when you are Losing It! It correctly handles negative NODE numbers unlike the sheet's roll button. !computer takeDamage - You are prompted with a dropdown for Hurt , Injured , Maimed , and Dead . It will apply the wounds to your sheet, accounting for the damage rules (damage equal to your wounds increases your wounds one level, damage less than your wounds has no effect). !computer die - This resets your treason , moxie , and wounds , and increases your clone number by one.