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LF Help with Macro - Monster Tactics relay on Abilitys


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Hey guys, i try to create a (hopefully) simple macro to determine a creatures nature in average. I know about the differences between race/class of each type, but i thought things could work easier to prepare for an adventure, if you click a simple macro which tells you some main Informations about a creatures instincts. What i want to use, is something like: "If the Abilityscore is 7 or less -> Textoutcome" "If the Abilitysoce is 8 to 11 -> Textoutcome" "If the Ability soce is 12+ -> Textoutcome" "If the Ability soce is 14+ -> Textoutcome" "If the Ability soce is 18+ -> Textoutcome" That should be sorted for each Abilityscore: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength, Wisdom and Intelligence. In fact its about combat stuff, Charisma is not part of this thing. What i exactly try to create (hopefully with your help) is a Select Token -> Click Macro -> Read Text in GM chat "Use selected Target´s ability score - Intelligence 7 or less -> Textoutcome" "Use selected Target´s ability score - Intelligence  8 to 11 -> Textoutcome" "Use selected Target´s ability score - Intelligence  12+ -> Textoutcome" "Use selected Target´s ability score - Intelligence 14+ -> Textoutcome" "Use selected Target´s ability score - Intelligence 18+ -> Textoutcome" If theres a moderate macro to use something like that without an API, that would be nice. Otherwise, i already use some API´s like TokenMod, maybe that could help. Thanks for your support, i hope we can manage this to support others in advance for prepare a Adventure on the fly with all nessesary Informations about a creatures Characteristics in combat. Greetings I will update the  Progress in here: (WORK IN PROGRESS) Strength (7 or less) try to compensate with numbers. If the Numbers are reduced enough, they scatter. Constitution (7 or less) prefer to attack from range, hiding, or both Dexterity (7 or less) choose their battles judicously, because they´re not likely to be able to get out of a fight once they´re in it. Strength/Dexterity (12+) hard-hitting predators or shock attackers that count on finishing fights quickly; they´ll often use Stealth and go for big-damage ambushes. Dexterity/Constitution (12+) scrappy skirmishers that deal steady, moderate damage and don´t mind a battle of attrition. Dexterity (12+) Strenght/Constitution (11 or less) snipe at range with missile weapons or spells. Dex,Strength, Constitution (7 or less) try to avoid fighting altogether unless it has some sort of circumstantial advantage – or it simply flees without hesitation. Intelligenze 7 or less → operates wholly or almost wholly from instinct. This doesn´t mean it uses its features ineffectively, only that it has one prefered modus operandi and can´t adjust if it stops working. Intelligence 8 to 11 → unsophisticated in its tactics and largely lacking in strategy, but it can tell when things are going woring and adjust to some degree. Intelligence 12 or higher → can come up with a good plan and coordinate with others; it probably also has multiple ways of attacking and/or defending and knows which works better in which situation. Intelligence 14 or higher can not only plan but also accurately assess its enemies weaknesses and target accordingly. Intelligence 18+ can do this to a superhuman degree, detecting even hidden weaknesses. Wisdom 7 or less → has an underdeveloped survival instinvt and may wait to long to flee. Wisdom 8 to 11 → knows when to flee but indiscriminate in choosing targets to attack Wisdom 12+ → selects targets carefully and may even refrain from combat in favor of parley if it revognizes that it´s outmatched. Wisdom 14+ → chooses its battles, fights only when it´s sure it will win (or will be killed if it doesn´t fight), and is always willing to bargain, bully, or bluff if this will further its interests with less resistance

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David M.
API Scripter
Seems like what you want is a Rollable Table that functions as a Lookup. TheAaron wrote a short Lookup script that I think will do what you want, if I'm understanding correctly. Grab the script from the forum thread here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> You send a table name and index to the script, and it returns the Rollable Table item. The setup would be as follows: Paste TheAaron's Lookup script into a New Script and Save. Create a Rollable table for the instinct tied to the attribute in question, say " WIS-Instinct " &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Add enough items to cover the range of attribute scores you are expecting. So if max attribute value is 20, create 20 items. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Paste your descriptions of the Instincts into the name field for each item &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Example, your first 7 items in the WIS-Instincts table would have the same name : " has an underdeveloped survival instinct and may wait to long to flee. " &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; EDIT -- reading the other forum thread more, looks like you can accomplish the same result as the strikethrough text above using appropriate weights, but haven't personally tested. Step 3 would also only have unique entries in this case, rather then the explicit duplicates. Call the Lookup api script from a token macro or ability function, passing the table name and relevant score as arguments &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Continuing the example above for WIS (using attribute names from the 5E character sheet for Roll20 in this example - you can replace with appropriate attribute name) would result in this function call (assuming you want GM whisper): !blookup WIS-Instincts [[@{selected|wisdom}]] EDIT -- Repeat for all other attributes. A single macro can call the lookup api multiple times for each attribute table. Here is a screenshot of the resulting output for a character with a WIS of 17, using the function call from step 7 above.